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pensive than MLVs. SLVs are usually cheaper in the near term because their project management costs are lower. SLVs also tend to be more responsive because they have fewer people between the client and the translator. Con: SLVs have a more dif cult time taking on multiple large translation projects and have less capacity to scale to meet increased demands, so your project could nd itself at the back of a queue. The disadvantage is that your company will be responsible for project management and other tasks such as pre- and postprocessing of documents.
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With measurement at acute, 6-, 12-, and 24-months post-TBI for severe, moderate, and mild groups of children, performance on academic measures varied depending on severity and task demands (Catroppa & Anderson, 2007). For example, children in the moderate
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The OIP2 is given at +63 dBm. Substituting these last two numbers into Eq. (5.32), we obtain CSOrelative 66 dBc. (5.37) The highest CSO given on the data sheet is 63 dBc at 1.25 MHz below the lowest carrier. That location agrees with the theoretical maximum but the level is 3 dB higher. Typical OIP3 is +40 dBm at 500 MHz and goes to +42 at 100 MHz and +38 at 900 MHz. Equation (5.33) at 40 dBm OIP3 and 3.3 dBm p1 gives CTBrelative 10 dB log(1.5) 2(3.3 dBm + 40 dBm) = 84.8 dBc. (5.38)
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The above condition is deduced based on the fact that the Floquet mode circles cover the entire (kx ky )-plane if at least three nearby circles meet at a common point. It should be mentioned that although existance of a zero of Floquet impedance in the invisible region satisfies the propagation condition of a surface wave mode, in reality a surface wave mode does not propagate under a Floquet excitation. Since the source internal impedance is finite, zero Floquet impedance results in a total reflection, leaving no power for the surface wave mode. In order to have the
Equation (6.132) is valid for all m and n. Thus, for all m and n the consolidated format for (6.132) becomes S11 = + aef ff
FIGURE 5.24 The setting for a Request URI Lowercase filter. This filter helps normalize data by changing the case to lowercase.
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