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Table 23-6: procmail Special Conditions
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Figure 4.2.18 Detail of a CsI covered MSP as the photosensor in a GPSC (Figure 2 of Veloso et al.40 ). Reproduced by permission of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
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30 Programming with ADO.NET 2.0
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The workgroup parameter determines the network workgroup or domain that the server will try to join. If workgroup is set to a domain name, the server tries to locate a domain controller for the domain and join the domain as a client. If MYGROUP is not a domain, the server will attempt to locate and join the workgroup named MYGROUP using standard CIFS methods. The server string parameter sets the description of the server that is broadcast to other nodes in the workgroup. The %h parameter takes the server network name used on the network from the Ubuntu server hostname. If your Ubuntu server is called testbox, Samba broadcasts the string
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Overview of Windows Server 2008 storage Storage management Disk Management Service partition styles The Disk Management snap-in Basic storage Dynamic volumes and fault tolerance Hardware RAID Dynamic storage management Managing storage with disk quotas
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Database Fragmentation
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Examples of service options are basic variable rate voice service, short message service, and packet data service [25,26]. Examples of information records are: service con gurations (used in SCM, SRQM, SRPM), calling and called party identity (used in AWIM, ORM), and QoS (used in ORM). Table 13.3-10 shows how the IE listed above relate to the messages in Table 13.3-8. 13.3.7 cdma2000 Call Sequences
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