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CREATE FUNCTION FunctionName (InputParameters) RETURNS DataType AS BEGIN Code RETURN Expression END
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Nielsen NELSON NEILSON ------- ------ ------N425 N425 N425 Note Other, more refined, soundex methods exist. Ken Henderson, in his book The Guru s Guide to Transact SQL (Addison-Wesley, 2000), provides an improved Soundex algorithm and stored procedure. If you are going to implement Soundex in a production application, I recommend exploring his version. Alternately, you can research one of the other refined Soundex methods on the websites listed previously and write your own custom stored procedure.
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One very useful aspect of library features is that they can be driven by configurations and design tables. Once the feature is in the part, the configurations are still available, and so you can change the config of an applied library feature at any time. You can also link a library feature to an external file. This enables you to change a feature or set of features in several parts at once, if they are all externally linked to the file.
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N OT E The drive designators that are used at this point resemble the Solaris 1
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a USB device and your password to a folder on another computer or a different non-encrypted hard drive.
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4: Finding Help in the WordPress Support System
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With (9.140) the required impulse response g ( t ) can be derived from (9.138) by means of an inverse Fourier transform: (4rtlT) cos(nt(1 r)/T) sin(nt(1- r)/T) (9.141) g(t) = nt [l - ( 4 ~ t / T ) ~ ]
Smart Fasteners Populate All
Blocks in SolidWorks can contain sketch elements and notes. When used in drawings, blocks have several common uses, including the following: n Standard note blocks for tolerances, disclaimers, or default requirements n You can put together a mechanism in 2D where each block represents a part n Flow direction for fluid systems n Drawing stamps such as Not For Release, Preliminary, Obsolete, and so on n Symbols for schematics which can be snapped together n You can save drawing templates as blocks to make them easier to place as a single entity Like favorites, blocks reside in the document in which they are created, but you can save them out to a *.sldblk file, load them into other documents, and save them as a part of a document template.
<b>Bold</b> <i>Italics</i> <strong>Strongly Emphasized</strong> <em>Emphasis</em> <li>New Line in List</li>
of where pz,lzl (52 I&) is a conditional probability density (density 2 2 provided x1 has taken on the value 51). If the variables 2 1 and 22 are statistically independent of one another, (1.54) reduces to
FIGURE 10.8 Suppressing a feature
Scams and Frauds and Viruses . . . and the List Goes On
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Windows 7 has Start Menu Search, search in Internet Explorer, a new Search window (hidden, but you can tap F3 to see it), and even a Windows Search box in every Explorer window. The reason this is useful is that the Windows Search box is context sensitive. Sure, you could search your entire hard drive if you wanted, but what s the point If you re in a folder, and you know that what you re looking for is in there somewhere, maybe in one of the subfolders, then the Windows Search box is the tool to use. To search for a document or other file in the current folder or one of its subfolders, just click the search box and begin typing. (You can also tap Ctrl+F to select the Windows Search box with the keyboard.) Your results will begin appearing immediately. For more information about Windows 7 s Instant Search functionality, please see 5.
Windows Defender
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