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If you find yourself moving items to the trash only to just turn around and immediately empty the trash, you can add the Delete item to the list of actions by setting that feature in the Nautilus Preferences dialog box. See The Behavior Tab section in this chapter for instructions.
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Charles Kozierok s PCGuide site is one of the more informative all-around hardware sites on the Web.
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TABLE 3-11
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Electrical fast transients and bursts Surge or high-energy line transients Conducted currents Voltage variation, sag, and dropout
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where C is the Curie constant. Since the capacitance is directly proportional to the dielectric constant, the C-V curves have the same basic shape as the curve shown in Figure 8.66.
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The following Monday I returned to my of ce at Stanford and found a package on my desk. A note from someone named Peter Bernstein said that he had enjoyed my seminar in New York and hoped I would enjoy his book. It was Capital Ideas: The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street.2 A few pages into the rst chapter, I read that the current explanation of stock price movement dates back to a 1900 dissertation by an obscure French mathematician named Bachelier and that his thesis was lost until it was rediscovered quite by accident in the 1950s by Jimmie Savage, a mathematical statistician at Chicago. It was Learning something new and important about my late father caught my attention, and I decided to keep reading. Actually, I had trouble putting the book down. Although I had taught management science at the University of Chicago and had met several of the protagonists in the book, I knew little about nance. Here was the big picture of a big subject exposed clearly in a small book. More than that, Capital Ideas made me appreciate that Ben Ball in his own way was trying to follow in the footsteps of Harry Markowitz, but in the parallel universe of petroleum exploration investments.
A font and formatting selection area at the top The character set list on the left side A grid block on the right side, containing the characters in order of their character
chaPtEr 3 Understanding the Windows Phone User Interface
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FIGURE 27.20 Using the memory surfaces technique to cut away unwanted geometry
Market Segmentation and Analysis 105
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