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21: Managing E mail and Contacts
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FIGURE 21.15 You can control access to games via the Game Controls page.
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Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
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FIGURE 4.19 Using face curves on a complex surface
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WARNING Workstation monitors are often single-frequency units, and they don t use
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We have already used one of the tools used in configuring Group Policy, Computer Management. The Computer Management console is used to configure many settings other than just Group Policy, so it may not be the best tool to distribute to Group Policy administrators or to use on a workstation. Configuring a custom tool in these cases is just the solution. In this section, we discuss the creation of such a tool, as well as the ins and outs of setting policy with the tool. Start an instance of MMC from a command line, and select the Add/Remove Snap-in from the Console menu (see Figure 16.12). Choose Add, then choose the Group Policy Snap-in, and Add. This spawns the Select Group Policy Object configuration page (see Figures 16.13 and 16.14). Click Browse to select the focus of the console. Notice that a domain, OU, site, or computer may be selected as the focus. If configuration were going to be made at the root level, then that object would be selected. In our example, choose the Default Domain Policy option, and click OK to continue (see Figure 16.15). When returned to the original page, you may opt to select the checkbox that allows the focus of the
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The Windows Live Photo Gallery user interface is divided into just a few main sections. Between the toolbar and bottom-mounted navigational controls, you ll see two areas, or panes, by default: a Navigation pane on the left that determines which photos (or videos) you will view, and the thumbnail pane, which displays the pictures (or videos) in the current view. Windows Live Photo Gallery displays other panes under certain conditions. If you view a single image with the application or click the Info button in the toolbar, a rightmounted Info pane appears, providing information about the current picture. When you choose to edit an image called Fix a Fix pane appears with various editing options. We ll examine these functions in just a bit.
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Choose File Open from the menu and open thumbnails_starter.html. You can find the thumbnails_starter.html file on the Web site associated with this book. The Dreamweaver starter page for thumbnails features a 1 x 3 table grid. However, I ve enhanced that original page to include a 3 x 3 grid. Open this starter file and then choose File Save As and give your HTML file a new name. If you re following along with the book example, use the makeover_06_04.html file. This features an empty 3 x 3 grid inside the now familiar OC template.
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the_date() takes a PHP date() style format (see the_time() takes a PHP date() style format
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