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Figure 21-12: Finally, Windows Live Mail picks up
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Another structural parameter that plays an important role in hot-carrier susceptibility of a MOS structure is mechanical stress. Hamada et al. 87 showed, by using a 4-point bending jig, that compressive stress on both n- and p-MOS resulted in larger threshold voltage shifts than in mechanically unstressed devices. It was originally thought that this was due to enhanced trapping/interface-state generation, but measurements performed by Degraeve et al.88 showed that the multiplication factor (Ib/Id) was strongly influenced by mechanical stress, with tensile (compressive) stress giving increases (decreases) in multiplication factor in n-channel transistors. In this case, tensile stress resulted in more degradation than compressive stress, although in all cases, the increased susceptibility is not great. They also showed, using substrate hot-electron injection experiments, that the trap creation rate itself was unchanged. Finally, the effects of stress are also seen from a variety of sources, such as gate electrodes (W in this case 89), passivation processing, 90 and transistor isolation (in
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The Ruled Surface works from the edge of a solid or surface body. The feature has five basic types of operations that it can perform:
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Description Reads mail from a local mh mail system Reads mail from a maildir-formatted mail system (such as qMail) Reads mail from an mbox directory (such as Postfix) Reads mail from a standard mbox file (such as sendmail)
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2) By the addition of a capacitor CP in parallel rst, and then by the addition of a capacitor CS in series. CP =
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Signaling Example
27: C Programming
Figure 38-1: IntelliSense showing the available events for the Button Web control Figure 38-2: Multiple button events. Figure 38-3: Your WebForm1.aspx page Figure 38-4: WebForm1.aspx.vb and your Button1_Click event handler Figure 38-5: Your event handler in action! Figure 38-6: A list of available events to program against Figure 38-7: When the page is loaded, the Button1_Load event is triggered.
is local (the called customer is served by SSP), the call moves to point B in the terminating BCM (see below). If the destination is at another exchange, the route set to the destination exchange is determined (see Section 1.3). The call then moves to selecting route state, in which SSP attempts to nd an available trunk in one of the trunk groups belonging to the speci ed route set. Triggers can be encountered in the originating null, the collecting information, and analyzing information states. If this happens, call processing is suspended, and the call moves into the wait state. The trigger types, which are shown along the transitions to the wait state, are discussed later. When the call enters the wait state, SSP orders its AIN-ASE to initiate a transaction with SCP, to obtain call-handling instructions. The message from SCP that ends the transaction includes one of the following instructions. Analyze Route (ANR). This message instructs SSP to resume the call processing at the analyzing information state, or the selecting route state, depending on a parameter in the message (to be discussed later). Disconnect (DISC). This instruction is sent when SCP has determined that the call should not be set up, and that the calling party should receive a standard tone (say, reorder-tone) or announcement. SSP then resumes the call processing at the disconnect state. SSP connects the calling line or incoming trunk to a tone or announcement circuit, and the caller hears a standard tone (e.g., reorder-tone) or an announcement. When SSP receives a disconnect signal from the line or the trunk, it clears the connection. Send to Resource, Final Announcement (STR-F). This instruction is sent when SCP has determined that the call should not be set up, and that the calling line should be connected to an INSC (resource), which should play the AIN announcement speci ed in the instruction. SSP then resumes the processing at the nal announcement state. It connects the calling line or incoming trunk to an INSC, plays the speci ed announcement, and awaits the disconnect signal from the line or trunk. Send to Resource, Caller Interaction (STR-I). This instruction indicates that SCP needs to interact with the calling party. It requests SSP to resume processing at the caller interaction state. SSP connects the calling line or incoming trunk to an INSC and plays the speci ed announcement. The announcement contains a question and prompts the calling party to respond with one or more digits. The INSC collects the digits, and SSP sends them to SCP in a Resource Clear message. The call reenters the wait state and stays there until a new message with instructions from SCP has been received. Terminating BCM (T-BCM). This consists of the states of calls with called party numbers that identify SSP as the terminating exchange see Fig. 17.2-2. The calls may have originated by a customer served by SSP or may have reached SSP on an incoming trunk.
Power Delay Profile 0 Rayl.-simulation Rayl.-analytical 5 Normalized power (dB) Gaussian Uniform 10
6.20 Participants line up for their victory lap as they end a 60-mile, three-day walk that raises money to cure breast cancer. Taken at ISO 320, f/4, 1/40 second.
XML-RPC is a remote protocol for managing a software application. WordPress supports remote editing and administration by exposing the Blogger, MetaWeblog, Movable Type, and WordPress XML-RPC APIs. WordPress also provides the AtomPub interface, though it is not widely supported by clients. In order to use XML-RPC or AtomPub, they must be enabled from within WordPress Admin. This is a security precaution. All offline blog editors function in a similar manner. Windows Live Writer is the best editor available for Windows. MarsEdit is the best available for Mac OS X. ScribeFire is a Firefox extension that lets you blog anywhere that Firefox is installed.
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