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Figure 31-2: 800 x 600 resolution
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Frame Slides
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Modulation Formats
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Basic Settings You Can t Overlook
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Network Manager
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unable to contact the AD or doesn t nd itself listed, it does not begin servicing client requests. A workgroup-based DHCP server queries the network for other DHCP servers; if it identi es any domain-based DHCP servers, it assumes it is not authorized and does not service client requests. If no domain-based DHCP servers respond, however, the server starts servicing client requests. This means that multiple workgroup-based DHCP servers can operate on the network concurrently. When you install the DHCP service on a domain-based server, the server is unauthorized by default. You must authorize the server before it can begin servicing client requests. Authorizing a server simply lists the server in the AD. To authorize a domain-based DHCP server, open the DHCP console, right-click the server in the left pane, and choose Authorize.
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recursion. Allows the server to act as a proxy and attempt to answer when a DNS query requests recursion, even if it does not have the information. If recursion is set to off and the answer is unknown to the server, it will return a referral to the client. check-names. Specifies whether names are to be checked for inclusion of illegal characters (such as underscores), and under what conditions. The check-names directive has two parameters. The first parameter states the source of names to be checked. The options are master, slave, and response; master causes names in the master zone files to be checked, slave checks names in the slave zone files, and response checks responses received back from queries. The second parameter is the level of severity (i.e., how to respond) warn, fail, or ignore; warn will log invalid names but return them anyway; fail will also log invalid names, but will not return them, and ignore causes the server to play dumb and simply hand out the results. Unless you change the default behavior, in BIND 4.9.4 and later, a primary name server will refuse to load a zone with bad characters and a secondary will load but complain, while bad characters in responses will simply be ignored. The next statements allow you to decide what systems in your network can query your name server, and which machines can perform zone transfers from your machine. If you are serving names out to the Internet community, we highly recommend that you do not allow zone transfers outside of your organization. allow-query. Specifies machines from which you will allow queries to your name server. allow-transfer. Specifies machines from which you will respond to zone transfer requests. The Include Section The include section allows an external file to be used in place of local content. The specified file can be thought of as being inserted in the named.conf file at the point of the include command:
You Don t Need to Know
The Processes view shows you the different processes, both kernelmode processes being used by the operating system and user-mode processes such as Task Manager itself, that are currently running on
The Excel worksheet window closes and the chart appears on the slide.
When one part drives another part in this way, the assembly must also be open to drive the relationship. If just the two parts are open individually, then changing the driving part does not update the driven part; because the relationship was created in the context of the assembly, the assembly must also be open to facilitate the change.
A drop-down menu appears.
The gallery of themes appears. You can use the scroll bar to see all the themes.
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Design tables for assembly configurations
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