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The Line control has been replaced by GDI+ Draw methods.
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5. Click the cylindrical surface of the part. The surface appears orange when you move the cursor over it to indicate that an OnSurface sketch relation will be created between the sketch point and the cylindrical surface. 6. The hole should be positioned from one end of the cylinder. Using the SmartDimension tool, click one flat end face of the cylinder and the sketch point. Place the dimension and give it a value of .300 inches, as shown in Figure 17.5.
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The conversion loss is high when the LO injection is low. It is decreased when the LO injection is increased. Usually, a passive mixer begins to reach its normal operation state only after the LO injection is increased to over 3 dBm. For a passive RF block, the noise gure is reasonably equivalent to the conversion loss. However, in the quad ring mixer, a remarkable feature of a passive mixer is that its noise gure depends on the LO injection. Figure 2.8 shows that there is a minimum of the noise gure as the LO injection is varied. As shown in Figure 2.8, the minimum noise gure is 4.8 dB when the LO injection is 7.8 dBm. The non-linearity is mainly determined by the expressions of even orders of non-linearity of quad diodes except the second order of non-linearity. It should be noted that in equations (2.7) to (2.10), the non-linearity characteristics of each diode in the quad diode are assumed to be perfectly identical, so that their non-linearity coef cients are the same. Obviously, imperfect uniformity among the quad diodes brings about more spurious problems, in which the odd order non-linearity of the diodes do not cancel each other. Then, the linearity of the mixer would be degraded. In addition, it is also assumed that the central tap of transformers at either the RF or LO port is at a perfect symmetrical position so that the voltage at the secondary winding of the transformer is exactly divided by two identical voltages, vRF + vRF or vLO + vLO. Should the perfectly symmetrical condition of the transformers be unsatis ed, the nal expressions of the current owing on the load or IF current, (2.15) and (2.16), would be much complicated, depending on how much asymmetry is present.
Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-driven Knowledge Management. Edited by John Davies, Dieter Fensel and Frank van Harmelen Copyright 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 0-470-84867-7
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8. Finally, when you re satisfied with everything, click Burn. The burning process begins, and Windows displays a small dialog box with a progress indicator (Figure 20.38). Depending on the length of the DVD, it could take several minutes to more than an hour to create the final product.
As is the case when troubleshooting any problem, the rst thing to consider when troubleshooting TCP/IP connections is whether anything has changed in the system s con guration. Problems with a newly installed computer typically point to an invalid IP address, a wrong subnet mask, or an incorrect default gateway. If TCP/IP has never worked on the system, open the TCP/IP properties for the connection and verify that they are correct. For systems that have been working but have stopped, you need to more narrowly de ne the problem. For example, if you ve been able to connect to a speci c Web site but can t anymore, see if you can connect to other sites. If the problem lies with one site, it s almost surely a problem on the server side and not something you can correct on your end. However, if a range of Web sites work but others do not, you probably have a DNS or routing problem. The same holds true for FTP sites and local resources such as other computers on your local segment. A methodical, logical approach will help you identify the point of failure, if not the cause. Though you could work from the problem backwards, we prefer to troubleshoot from the local computer outward until we nd the point of failure, using Packet InterNet Groper (ping). For example, you should rst ping the loopback address (type ping or ping localhost from a command prompt) to verify that TCP/IP is functioning on your computer. You can then begin moving farther out into the network and Internet until you nd the point at which communication breaks down. Ping a computer on the local segment, and if successful, ping the internal side of the router. If that works, ping the external side of the router, and then a system past the router. If the ping fails at any point, it typically indicates that the packets generated by the ping command are not being returned, either because the remote node is con gured to discard ping traf c or a problem with the routing table is preventing the packets from being returned. If ping localhost fails, you probably have a problem with your network interface card or a corrupt TCP/IP protocol stack.
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