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Metal or ground plane (turntable top and stationary portion)
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Phantom Rows
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This chapter discussed some of the system administration utilities provided in the Ubuntu workstation. The System Monitor allows you to monitor and control processes running on the system, as well as view the current CPU, memory, network, and disk utilization on that system. The System Log Viewer provides an easy way to view all of the log files available in the Ubuntu workstation from a single window. You can view those log files, plus look at the daily log files from separate days that are stored on the system. The Services Settings window allows you to view and change which system services are started when the system boots. You can select which services start, what system runlevel they start in, and the priority (order) in the runlevel that they start. Separate from the Services Settings window, the Sessions Preferences window allows you to configure the individual applets and programs that automatically start when you log into your desktop. The Sessions Preferences window provides options for selecting which applets and programs start, for viewing which applets and programs are currently running in your session, and for saving your session settings so that the same applets and programs start the next time you log in. The last section of this chapter discussed how to use the Disk Usage Analyzer tool. This tool helps you identify the areas in a filesystem that use the most amount of disk space. The Disk Usage Analyzer scans a disk area (or the entire disk) and provides a graphical treemap of the results. Each ring on the treemap represents a folder level in the filesystem hierarchy. Folders at the same level in the same ring are depicted with sizes relative to the amount of disk space they use. In the next chapter we ll take a look at the Ubuntu command line. The command-line interface can come in handy when trying to administer your system because it s often quicker to enter commands than to interact with a graphical tool.
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SelectedTab (Public Instance Property)
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SolidWorks Search
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cable (or channel) as your first drive. The second IDE channel is for CD-ROMs and other slower devices, and if you mix a hard drive and a CD-ROM drive on the same channel, the channel runs slower and you ll stifle the hard drive.
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*Section 9.2.8. courtesy Amy Pinchuk, InField Scientific Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
3. Where can you find the Backup and Restore Center
Figure 10.24 (a) A comparison of p-MOS CV curves using W/TiN metal gate versus conventional p+ poly gate (t., = 3.3 nm). The Cinv/Cacc of the W/TiN metal gate is close to 1 (at VG = -2 V). Note that the Fermi level of TiN is close to the Si midgap, and a workfunction shift of 0.45 V has been applied to the metal gate CV. (After Hu et al., Ref. 70.) (b) The gate sheet resistance of W/TiN metal gate as a function of LG showing the roughly constant 2 Q/ square of sheet resistance down to 0.05 g-m. (After Hu et al., Ref. 70.)
and Bill Karro w. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an outstanding addition to HTML that allows you to apply a certain style to a particular HTML tag. For instance, if you want each <h1> tag in your page to be bold, be in Arial font, and have a font size of 15, you can apply HTML <font> tags around each instance. This can sometimes be very time-consuming, and can make for some messy code. By applying a style sheet to the page, you can specify how every <h1> tag is formatted, which saves time and allows for cleaner code. An example is shown in Listing 31-2. Listing 31-2: Cascading Style Sheets Code Example
Select for lofted surface
(1-d) / N R= (1-d) / N l( 1, 1) l( 1, 2) . . . l( 1, N)
To create a folder, right-click a feature or a selected group of features and select Add to New Folder. Folders should be renamed to have a name that helps identify their contents. You can reorder folders in the same way as individual features. When you delete a folder, the contents are removed from the folder; they are not deleted. You can add or remove features to or from the folders by dragging them in or out. If a folder is the last item in the FeatureManager, the next feature that is created is not put into the folder; you must place it in the folder manually. You cannot drag features out of a folder and place them immediately after it, because they will just go back into the folder. If you want to pull a feature out of a folder and place it after the folder, there must be another feature between the feature that you are moving and the folder. However, you can pull a feature out of the folder and place it just before the folder.
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