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Figure 24.4 Financial Engines display of the risk of not meeting retirement goals.
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17: Windows Media Player 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 435
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Creating a Samba Server
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the items your child can access. This opens up a new menu box below (see Figure 4-36). This box contains a list of programs stored on your PC. If you cannot locate the files you wish to block, you can search for them by using the Browse button provided at the bottom of the page.
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Figure 18-25: Make it your own by teaching Windows 7 how you write.
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FIGURE 7.12 A loft with and without guide curves
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RemoveAllMonthlyBoldedDates (Public Instance Method)
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Existing High 50% 25% Chance
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The General Public License
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Exhibit 4.6 Least informative distributions for sup l F ( z ) - Q(z)I 5 [cf. Example 4.3; (4.56), (4.66)].
chaPtEr 2 Unboxing and Getting Started
Depicting an assembly process
TABLE 11.12
MOSFET transistor D vo
As you can see from this example, Python is a little more complicated than Perl when using command-line arguments. The command-line argument is placed in the sys.argv array as element 1 (not 0 as in Perl). You might also notice that unlike Perl, Python is very specific about data types. The command-line arguments are all captured as string values. Because the program needs to use the command-line argument as an integer value, it must be converted. The string module provides the atoi function, which converts ASCII strings to integer values. After assigning the new integer value to a variable, the calculations can begin. However, in Python, special mathematical operators (such as the Boolean XOR) are also functions, and must be used as functions instead of operators. This requires importing the operators module and rewriting the if statements to use the xor() function.
ver the years, email has become the killer app of the Internet. These days, just about everyone has an email address, and many people have more than one! The Ubuntu server provides a great platform for creating your own email server, whether it s for you or for a small business or organization. It uses the popular Postfix email server to process messages from internal users on the server and from external mail sources. This chapter first describes how email works in the Ubuntu environment and how Ubuntu uses Postfix to handle email as a server. It then looks at how to configure Postfix and procmail (a popular mail delivery tool) to work in your specific email environment.
Make sure transactions begin and commit quickly. Redesign any transaction that includes a cursor. Move any code that isn t necessary to the transaction out of the transaction. If two procedures are deadlocking, make sure they lock the resource in the same order. Make sure client applications are fetching access the database through the data abstraction layer. Consider forcing page locks with the (rowlock) hint to prevent the locks from escalating.
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