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The detail circle can be drawn before you initiate the Detail View command. When you pre-draw a detail circle, you must ensure that you are sketching in the view and not on the sheet. To draw in the view, the view must be activated. You can activate a view by clicking in the view or by bringing a sketch cursor inside the boundary of the view. When you activate a view, the status bar in the lower-right corner of the SolidWorks window displays the message, Editing Drawing View, as shown in Figure 21.5. The dotted border in the image to the left shows that the view is selected, and the status bar shows that it is activated. The image to the right with the solid corners indicates that the view has Locked Focus. You can lock focus on a drawing view by double-clicking it or by right-clicking and selecting Lock View Focus from the menu.
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Windows Aero Requirements
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This part examines several types of advanced techniques, such as surface modeling and multi-body modeling. This is information you won t find in other SolidWorks books, explained here by some one who uses the functionality daily.
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If your goal is to enjoy higher resolutions at greater color depths, then you may be able to use your existing video card and simply add memory to it. (Yep, video cards have memory typically very fast memory.) Many times, a person will buy a video card thinking, I won t ever need to work beyond 800 600, and then they will buy a bigger monitor and all of a sudden need that extra resolution. If you re in that boat, here s what you need to know. Before you add memory to a video card, you have to find out 1) how much memory your video card has, and 2) how much it s capable of hosting. You can generally get the first bit of information from your operating system (in Windows, you d go to Device Manager and check out the properties for the display adapter). The second bit of information you can usually glean from the video adapter manufacturer s Web site, or from your user manual if you happen to have it. Some video adapters aren t upgradable, and some of them ship with the maximum complement of memory.
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Web Resource
To compress multiple files into a single zipped file
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Table 7-3:
50 W Zin 50 W terminator
The Priority setup selects a setting used for the shutter release. With the default setting, AF, the shutter cannot be released until focus has been con rmed. You can set the Priority Release setting to Release, which allows the shutter to be released even if the focus is not locked.
The Incubation Process
FIGURE 31.12 Using the End Cap feature
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