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The Protect feature is covered in detail in 2.
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Of course, you may decide that you would rather have your documents stored in another directory or perhaps another drive (internal or external). You may consider redirecting the Documents folder to another disk drive for hardware or security reasons; for example, your secondary hard drive has 50GB free and your operating system drive may have only 5GB available. To change the location of your hard drive, you must open the Documents Properties window in the Preview pane of the Documents folder (see Figure 6.10).
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FigurE 13-7: The keypad as part of the call overlay.
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FIGURE 5.11 The Screen Saver Settings dialog box
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7.2 The USB cable being used to connect the A700 to a computer
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Attach a tag to identify the group of images. Copy the image to the Photo folder or work with the image from its original
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Company of Heroes runs on Vista thanks to DirectX 9L.
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Managing bodies in SolidWorks is not as clean a task as managing parts in an assembly. As you work with bodies, you will discover some real surprises in how bodies are managed. Hopefully in this section, I can prepare you for some of the more problematic surprises.
FIGURE 8.6 Merged faces
Part IV
Starting in Solidworks 2008, SolidWorks introduced functionality called Instant 3D. Instant 3D allows you to drag sketches to create extrusions and to drag model faces to change the size and location of features. The function largely replaces and expands on the older functionality called Move/Size Features. Figure 4.3 shows the arrows added by Instant 3D, which are the handles that you pull on to create a solid from a sketch or edit an existing feature. Notice also that you can make cut features with Instant 3D. In fact, you can change a boss feature into a cut. I m sure this is a neat sales demo trick, but I m not aware of any practical application of changing a boss into a cut. One of the attractive things about Instant 3D is that it allows you to make changes to parts quickly without any consideration for how the part was made. For example, the cylindrical part was made from a series of extrudes, with a hole cut through it with draft on the cut feature. The flat faces can be moved, and the cylindrical faces offset. SolidWorks, behind the scenes, figures out which sketches of which features have to be edited, which saves you time searching the FeatureManager. As you work through more complex parts, you will see how handy this can be at times. You can activate or deactivate Instant 3D using the icon on the Features toolbar.
Second, you can simply run Bing Maps as a standalone app. It s available from the All Programs list, but if you think you re going to be using it often enough, you can of course pin Maps to the Start screen. Either way, Bing Maps works as you d expect, all while supplying what I think is the most attractive mobile maps interface yet provided on a smart phone.
Cropping Images to Shed the Useless Stuff (continued)
Additional interference between digital and digital, RF and RF, and RF and digital areas due to the multi-metallic con guration are negligible.
Add a named set to the WITH clause using the syntax set_name AS definition, where set_name is any legal identifier, and definition specifies a set appropriate for use in an axis or WHERE clause. The following example builds three sets to explore the nine-month trends on products with more than a 5 percent growth of sales in 2004:
The bpdb class is identical to the wpdb class in WordPress. It is the class that handles MySQL database abstraction and queries and has all the identical methods available to the $wpdb object in WordPress.
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