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Solution Processing of Inorganic Materials, edited by David B. Mitzi Copyright 2009 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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9: Search Engine Optimization
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Back in the original version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, the Tablet PC Input Panel, or TIP, was typically docked to the bottom of the screen, just above the taskbar, and you toggled its display by clicking a TIP icon next to the Start button. In Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, Microsoft enhanced the TIP by enabling it to pop up in place, where you needed it. That is, if you wanted to input some text into the address bar of an Internet Explorer window, for example, you could tap the address bar with the pen and the TIP would appear in a floating window right under the tap point. That way, you wouldn t have to move the pen up and down across the entire screen in order to enter text or other characters. That said, the TIP could still be manually launched by clicking that special icon next to the Start menu; and the TIP in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 was a pretty big bugger, occupying a large swath of onscreen real estate. These issues were first fixed in Windows Vista and remain fixed in Windows 7. Instead of a special taskbar button, the TIP is now always accessible, but mostly hidden, on the edge of the screen. As shown in Figure 18-17, only a small portion of the TIP is visible by default.
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Compared with the CBD technique, electrodeposition requires some additional capital equipment (i.e., suitable power supplies and electrodes). Major advantages of the electrodeposition process include the insigni cant amount of waste generation. The electrodeposition bath can be reused for an unlimited number of cycle times when salts are replenished in the bath. The major drawback for electrodeposition is that it requires conductive substrates, which limits the application of this process in several key technologies. Electrodeposition uses electrolysis to deposit a coating of desired form on conducting substrates from a solution ( bath ) containing the ions of interest (e.g., Cu2+, In3+, and Ga3+). Almost without exception, one of the two phases contributing to an interface of interest in electrodeposition will be an electrolyte, which is a phase through which charge is carried by the movement of ions. The second phase at the boundary is the substrate, through which charge is carried by electronic movement. In cathodic electrodeposition, when the potential of the substrate (electrode) is moved from its equilibrium value toward negative potentials, the cation that will be reduced rst is the one with the least negative (or most positive) redox potential Eo. In a solution containing Cu2+, In3+, and Ga3+, all three ions can be codeposited on the surface of the substrate (cathode) when the potential is suf ciently negative. Interestingly, Se also codeposits with Cu, In, and Ga under certain conditions even though it is expected to deposit on the counter-electrode (anode). The conditions of electrodeposition of CIGS thin lms are related to the individual electrochemical reactions that correspond with the following Nernst equation, leading to the deposition of Cu, In, Ga, and Se. In this case, the electrodeposition of CIGS lms on the cathode is most probably caused by the combination of electrochemical and chemical reactions as follows: M n+ + ne M Cu 2 + + 2e Cu ( s) (23) (24)
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Overcoming the Band-Aid Approach to Performance Improvement
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Leveraging the Power of Subscriptions
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Turning off the Merge Result option
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Problem 3G
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Intensity (counts/channel)
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