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Design-to and Build-to Decision Gate Sequence
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Part 2: Starting Out with Ubuntu
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The View PropertyManager
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3. Add a Custom Property with the Property Name Material, type Text, and value ABS. The Custom Property interface is located at File Properties. 4. Check the Comments in this part. Notice that a Comments folder exists near the top of the FeatureManager. Inside it is a list of the features for which I have written comments.
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in, printing your boarding pass as you do so. If you are on a low-cost airline with no reserved seating, you may even want to purchase preboarding vouchers to allow you to avoid the scrum and get on the plane straightaway. Then you turn up at the airport. If you have no bags, you go straight through security and the rst time you see an employee of the airline is when someone scans your printed boarding pass at the gate. Now let s imagine a typical airline journey 10 years ago.You called the airline, and talked to a human being who looked at availability and reserved your ticket. This ticket was then processed, printed, and sent out by post to you, who, upon receiving it, put it somewhere safe. Then you turned up at the airport and joined a queue to check in, where someone took your paper ticket and turned it into a boarding card. Then you went through security and to the gate. Now, reading this, chances are you re thinking, Isn t technology good at making our lives simpler And you would be right. But you would especially be right because that is exactly what the airlines want you to believe. They want you to believe that all this technology is making life simpler for you. But actually,
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long the screen remains active after you last tapped it. Once this time elapses, the screen shuts off (don t worry, the phone stays on) and the lock is activated. The next time you wake up the phone and on subsequent attempts as well you ll be prompted to enter your password when you swipe up on the lock screen, as shown in Figure 15-2. Ah, security.
Step into the Real World
The /etc/apache2/apache2.conf file is the main configuration file that the Apache web server processes. This file references the individual configuration files for specific configuration features, such as the TCP ports used and the virtual hosts to create.
lp System Files CONTENTS Files identifying classes provided by the lpadmin -c command Existing filter descriptions Print filter lookup table Print form files Printer interface program files LP print service logs (linked to /var/lp/logs) Standard printer interface program Directories for local printer definitions Printwheel or cartridge file definitions
n The associated library feature is limited to one of several feature types: n Extruded or revolved cuts or bosses n Hole Wizard holes n Simple hole features The setup time for Smart Components can be significant for the first one or two that you create, especially if you choose the auto-size option. The complexity of setup depends mainly on the number of configurations and configured parts that you use. The auto-sizing function takes the most time to set up because it requires matching configurations, and the auto-size table takes a while to manage, especially for multiple parts. Still, if you end up placing a given part with associated features and other components many times manually, this is a technique that can save you a lot of time.
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