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You also need to decide how you want Server for NFS to handle case sensitivity. Unix systems are case sensitive, but Windows Server 2008 is case preserving/case insensitive. Windows Server 2008 maintains the case of a le but does not consider case when locating les. In no situation can two les with the same name but with different case be stored in the same folder on a Server for NFS share because of the underlying reliance on the Windows Server 2008 le systems. By default, Server for NFS considers case sensitivity when matching directory and lenames, but you can con gure Server for NFS to ignore case. We ll cover how to do that shortly. The type of underlying le system also has some bearing on how Server for NFS handles les. FAT and CDfs don t provide the ability to set individual ACLs, providing very little security. If you share a FAT or CDfs share through Server for NFS, the server returns the owner and group provided during authentication (the requester) as the owner and group for the le or folder in question. Essentially, this translates into Everyone owns this le. Clients cannot change ownership of folders or les on FAT and CDfs shares. The level of access a user has in a FAT or CDfs NFS share depends on the share permissions you apply to the share, just as for Windows clients who access a FAT/CDfs-based share. Users who are granted read access to the mountpoint receive read and execute permissions for owner, group, and other (-r-xr-xr-x). Users who are granted read/write or namespace access to the mountpoint receive read, write, and execute permissions (-rwxrwxrwx).
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The Broken-out Section view is another view type that alters an existing view rather than creating a new view. It also requires a closed loop sketch. The Broken-out Section view is very useful in assembly views where parts are obscured by other parts, in particular when a set of parts are inside a housing and you want to show the inside parts without hiding the housing. Of course, you can also use Broken-out Section views on parts with internal detail. Broken-out Section views act like a cut that is created from the drawing view. Any faces created by the cut are hatched. Figure 21.13 shows a simple assembly view using a Broken-out Section view. On the left is the view with the driving sketch (in this case, a closed loop spline), and on the right is the finished view. You cannot create Broken-out Section views using existing detail, section, or alternate position views.
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Selecting a loop is just a shortcut to selecting several edges
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Local. The Local Auto Focus Area
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Working with Specialized Functionality
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3. Locate the item for which you wish to make a shortcut.
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13: Navigating the Content Production Experience
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The CUPS software contains its own web interface to help you manage the printers in CUPS. The CUPS web interface listens for connections on TCP port 631. It uses HTTP and HTTPS, but if you ve required encryption in your configuration setup (as we did in the previous steps), you ll need to connect using HTTPS. Just open the browser on your workstation and connect to the IP address of your Ubuntu server using the URL
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RAID 1+0 still working with three failed disks.
Again, the Active Directory is simply a database. You can store any information you want in the Active Directory; some companies, for example, choose to store information such as positions and salaries within their Active Directory, and understandably they want to limit who is entitled to see this information. Even if your organization s Active Directory is only used to store basic information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, company policy will probably still be to restrict who can edit it. Allowing users to update their own information, for instance when they
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Phased approach
9. Save and close all the parts and assemblies.
By properly sizing the output devices, the output logic swing is
n Second Mode. Click Normal To a second time. The view rotates 180 to display the opposite direction. n Third Mode. After making the first selection, Ctrl-select another planar entity. The view is normal to the first selection and the second selection is rotated to the top. This method is shown in Figure 5.13.
Figure 20-31: The Internet Explorer Print Preview feature
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