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Figure 7.1.14 Schematic diagram of the experimental set-up for in vivo iron measurement (Bradley and Farquharson, 1999). Reproduced by permission of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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Five Basic MINDles for Uncertainty
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transceiver from T1 and sends a COT (continuity signal, Section 9.2.8). On receipt of COT, exchange W ends the loop-back on trunk T1. The continuity check of T2 is also successful, and exchange W detects the check tone on T2. Since W has already received the COT signal for T1, it now completes the call setup, removing the transceiver from T2, cutting through a switchblock path between T1 and T2, and sending a COT signal to exchange X. If W had received the check tone on T2 but no COT signal for T1, it would have waited for the COT signal before completing the setup. Local exchange X examines the called number in the received IAM. We assume that the number is complete and valid, and that subscriber S2 is free. From the IAM, exchange X knows that a continuity check will be made on T2. It therefore awaits the COT signal for T2 before proceeding: When the signal has been received, X sends an ACM (Address Complete message, Section 9.2.4), rings S2, and sends ringing-tone on T2. Exchange W repeats the ACM to exchange V, which then cuts through a switchblock path between S1 and T1. Subscriber S1 now hears the ringing-tone.
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M, Mandatory; O, optional.
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1.5-GHz frequency band. To achieve high resolution with limited bandwidth, superresolution techniques can be applied [Li03a,b]. This approach uses spectral estimation techniques to re ne the resolution in a bandlimited situation. Narrowband TOA Phase Metric. The received signal phase of the carrier is one possible geolocation metric. In this technique, shown in Fig. 13.2a, the narrowband phase difference between received and transmitted carrier signals is used to measure the distance between two points. The phase of a received carrier signal, , and the TOA of the signal, , are related by = / c , where c is the carrier frequency in rad/sec. It is well known that differential GPS (DGPS) using a measured reference carrier phase at the receiver improves the location accuracy of the traditional GPS from about 20 m to within 1 m [Kap96]. One problem associated with phase measurements lies in the ambiguity, shown in Fig. 13.2a, resulting from the periodic property (with period 2 ) of the signal phase, while as we see in the next two sections, the standard DSSS and UWB measurements are unambiguous. Consequently, in DGPS, the ambiguous carrier phase measurement is used to ne-tune the DSSS measurements. In GPS systems, a complementary Kalman lter is used to combine the low-noise ambiguous carrier phase measurements and the unambiguous but noisier TOA measurements [Kap96]. Unlike the GPS/DGPS, where the DLOS signal path is always assumed to be present, the severe multipath condition of the indoor and urban geolocation environment causes substantial errors in the phase measurements. When a narrowband carrier signal is transmitted in a multipath environment, as shown in Fig. 13.2b, the composite received carrier signal is the sum of a number of carriers arriving along different paths of the same frequency but different amplitude and phase. The frequency of the composite received signal remains unchanged, but the phase can differ substantially from that of the DLOS signal, resulting in substantial distance measurement error. The immediate
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long-winded subjects such as Your stance on Apple and its products is both uninformed and incorrect, so allow me to set you and the record straight, you knuckle-dragging moron. (Opinions vary.) 33 E-mail body: Here, you can type and type and type to your heart s content. The e-mail body can be as long as you need it to be, and consist of multiple paragraphs. 33 Attach a picture: From the New E-mail screen, you can attach a picture only sorry, no documents or other file types by tapping the Attach button in the Application Bar. This will trigger the display of a Choose Picture screen, from which you can navigate through the various local photo galleries on your phone (see 5 for details). You can optionally take a picture with the phone s built-in camera if you d like, and attach that instead.
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Mapping of logical to physical tiles. From [Tao 2007].
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6.30 A single softbox on a studio ash placed close to the model on the left side created the soft light and set the mood for the photo. This low key portrait has a darker tone overall. Taken at ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/250.
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Reproduced from [UMTS 1999] 1999. 3GPP TSs and TRs are the property of ARIB, ATIS, ETSI, CCSA, TTA, and TTC who jointly own the copyright in them. They are subject to further modi cations and are therefore provided as is for information purposes only. Further use strictly prohibited.
The most thorough, organized online documentation for WordPress is the WordPress Codex. The WordPress Codex is actually a wiki and is maintained by the WordPress community. Significant effort has gone into making the Codex not only usable but also current. Prior to major releases that introduce new functionality, modified behavior of existing code, and other changes to WordPress, there is generally a large effort within the community to ensure that the Codex is up to date. The Codex is comprehensive in most areas, providing examples of how template tags should be used and theme hierarchies are laid out, as well as plugin compatibility reports from different releases of WordPress. It strives to be the collective consciousness of the entire WordPress community and does a good job in most measurable ways. However, the Codex, for all its wealth of knowledge (and many FAQ sections), can be somewhat disorienting for users trying to find out how to do something specific without knowing, for example, where to start looking or what to even call the problem. The main page of the Codex is shown in Figure 4.1. When you first log on to the Codex (, you ll immediately notice that you can also get it in other languages, such as German or Turkish. There is even a Vietnamese version of the Codex. Localization has become a big area of focus within the WordPress community and it is reflected in documentation, in the core development philosophy, and in many plugins.
Speakerphone, 105 Special interest group (SIG), 758 Specialized common carrier (SCC), 717, 718 Specialized mobile radio (SMR), 563 565, 564f, 573 Speckling, 80 Spectral width, 80 Spectrum management, 553 Speech recognition, 135, 173, 177 Speed dialing, 167 Spiral redundancy check (SRC), 281 Splitter, 425, 430, 465 Splitterless ADSL, see Digital subscriber line Sponsored Education Group Participation (SEGP), 672 Spoo ng, 111, 350 Spot beam, 67, 69, 462, 638 Spread spectrum (SS), 361, 560 direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS), 362, 398, 400, 405, 411, 472, 561 frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), 361, 398, 409, 561 562 Squared, 104 Square wave, 15 Stack (S), 663, 665f Standard de nition television (SDTV), 605 607 Standards, 755 Start of header (SOH), 284f, 373f Start of text (STX), 278, 284f Star topology, 365 Stateful autocon guration, 655 Stateless autocon guration, 655 Station address (SA), 285f Station message detail recording (SMDR), 107, 111, 127 Steer, 490 Step-by-step (SxS) switch, see Switch Step-index ber, 84 85f Storage area network (SAN), 396, 415 416, 539 Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), 761 Store-and-forward, 154 155 Store locator service, 545 Stratellite, 597 Streaming mode, 531 String coding, 263, 282 Stuff bit, 266, 273, 312, 320 Sub-channel identi cation (CID), 514 Subframe, 514f Subloop, 431 Submarine cable, 52 Subnet, 384, 642 Subnet mask, 642 Subrate, 27 Subrate Digital Loop (SRDL), see Dataphone Digital Service (DDS) Subscriber identi cation module (SIM), 577
Async Terminal
(3) Q and Z preserve a monotone ordering of the components of x and y.
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Note: Presenter View is discussed in 16.
Par.2 AuthenticationResponse (AUTHR; three octets). This contains the 18-bit result of the CAVE algorithm executed by the MS (Section 12.6.7).
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