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Customizing toolbars
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Figure 7.37 Trend of power supply voltage reduction for several generations of DRAMs.
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The job of the dynamic query code is to assemble the fixed-code crosstab query without specifying the X, or column, values. The subquery returns a list of X values. The recursive select variable appends the values, along with the other text required to build the dynamic crosstab query, to the @XColumns variable. The final set statement builds the completed dynamic SQL string:
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Figure 13.6 Output impedance measurement circuit branches are connected in parallel. Top metallic area Bottom metallic area Conductive via from top to bottom Zero capacitor SMA connector
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In-context best practice suggestions
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Lightweight parts
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You do not need to go to the additional expense of using Advanced Server for a domain controller. All Windows Server 2008s can be promoted to a domain controller. Providing a fail-over service or a cluster for Active Directory is also a waste of resources and money. A fully redundant server will not only be cheaper, it will make for a more secure Active Directory deployment.
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Next, click Extrude in the Features toolbar or choose Insert Boss/Base Extruded. In the Direction 1 panel, select Mid Plane as the end condition. SolidWorks takes the distance that you entered and extrudes it symmetrically about the sketch plane. Enter 1.00 inch as the distance.
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A Future Perspective
AfterCollapse (Public Instance Event)
Once a virtual component is saved externally, you cannot use undo to reverse it, but you can right-click the external file in the FeatureManager and select Make Virtual from the menu. In Figure 12.23, notice that several of the mates came along into the new subassembly. These are the mates between the motors and the cradle. The mates that locate the cradle to the other parts in the assembly have remained in the upper-level assembly.
The View Orientation dialog box contains the following controls: Push Pin: Keeps the dialog box active. New View: Creates a new custom-named view (the Wiley view was created this way). Update Standard Views: Sets the current view to be the new Front view; all other views update relative to this change. This also updates any associated drawing views, but does not move any geometry or change plane orientation. Reset Standard Views: Resets the standard views so that the Front view looks normal to the Front plane (Plane1, XY plane). View Orientation can also be manipulated from two other locations: the Standard Views toolbar, which is discussed later in this chapter, and the View Orientation pop-up, shown in Figure 3.21. This function allows you to select the orientation or the arrangement of viewports. The pop-up also displays any existing Cameras, which are described earlier in this section. Previous View (undo view change): You can access this tool using the default hotkey Shift+Ctrl+Z.
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Figure 6.14. The wizard will let you know if the export is successful.
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