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The following best practices for WINS servers are recommended: Do not place WINS servers on any DC that is serving a large site of down-level clients (such as Windows 95 and Windows 98). This is especially important on a DC in a hub site. If a WINS server must be placed onto a DC (for example, to consolidate servers) or into a regional site, then the service can be installed on a domain controller that services a small regional site (fewer than 50 down-level users) or a small number of Windows 95/98 clients. The reason for this advice is that WINS is a process- and disk-intensive service. It can easily impact NTDS performance when servicing environments that are heavily dependent on WINS. The primary WINS server value that you give to a primary WINS server must be the address of the primary WINS server itself. Do not provide values to secondary WINS servers. To minimize WAN link usage, inter-region pull replication should be less frequent (that is, 240 minutes) than intrasite pull replication (that is, 30 minutes or 120 minutes). You can also disable inter-region push replication (replication initiated after an arbitrary number of updates) by setting a 9,999 count. Inter-region replication occurs at speci ed intervals only (pull replication). To minimize intra-region convergence time, intra-region replication between well-connected sites should be more frequent (that is, pull replication 30 minutes and push replication 20 count) than intra-region replication between not-so-well-connected sites (that is, pull replication 120 minutes and push replication 40 count). To minimize both intra-region convergence time and intra-region WAN link usage, intra-region replication between not-so-well-connected sites should be less frequent (that is, pull replication 120 minutes and push replication 40 count) than intra-region replication between well-connected sites (that is, pull replication 30 minutes and push replication 20 count).
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When you apply an appearance at the level of the part (the name of the part shows in the Color and Optics PropertyManager), any other entity color will override it. You can assign Solid or Surface bodies an appearance that overrides the part appearance. Some color changes are automatic; for example, when you are editing parts in the context of an assembly, they can temporarily change color or become transparent, which overrides everything else.
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Internet Explorer also enables you to save a document as a complete Web page (click File Save As, and choose Web Page Complete in the Save As Type field). In this case, the graphic files are not included in the HTML source text. Instead, Internet Explorer creates a subfolder in which it saves the downloaded graphics files. It rewrites the saved Web page to reference the graphics files in this subfolder, and enters the Web page s URL as a comment at the top of the page. These types of documents will typically open fine in other browsers, including Firefox. Indeed, Firefox uses a similar mechanism for saving complete Web pages. Finally, you can also save Web pages as a Web page type, which includes only the text of the page along with links to the online graphics. If you choose this option and view a saved page while offline, you ll see just the text. However, if you are online, the graphics will load as normal.
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Part VII
Public Class ScriptMain Inherits UserComponent -- Create 20 rows of random integers between 1 and 100 Public Overrides Sub CreateNewOutputRows() Randomize() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 20 Output0Buffer.AddRow() Output0Buffer.RandomInt = CInt(Rnd() * 100) Next End Sub End Class
The first part that you insert into an assembly has a Fixed constraint applied to it. This constraint is indicated by the (f) in front of the name of the part in the FeatureManager. Figure 5.15 shows the placement preview and cursor from step 1, as well as the FeatureManager after the part has been added.
Successfully Installing Peripheral Devices
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9. Drawing views can be sized individually or for each sheet. The Sheet Properties dialog box in Figure 5.21 shows the sheet scale. If this is changed, all of the views on the sheet that use the sheet scale are updated. If you select a view and activate the Drawing View PropertyManager, you can use the Scale panel to toggle from Use Sheet Scale to Use Custom Scale.
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