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Configuring Zune for Photo Transfers
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Click Window Color and Appearance in the Personalization window to open the Window Color and Appearance pane shown in Figure 8.10. Here, you can change the color of windows, the opacity of their glass areas, and open the advanced appearance options.
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Restoring with T-SQL Code
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Data Design Data Access Objects Factories Data Providers Complexity low neutral high Maintenance Effort neutral low low Reusability low neutral high Extensibility low neutral high Deployment Friendly high high high
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Reference geometry in SolidWorks is used to help establish locations for geometry that you can t physically touch, such as planes, axes, coordinate systems, and points. You often use reference geometry to establish a characteristic of the finished solid model before the model is created or to include an item that you may want to mate another part to in an assembly later. Mate References are also classified as Reference Geometry, although I do not cover them until 19, in the course of discussing library parts. The importance of working with reference geometry becomes obvious in situations where you need to create geometry that doesn t line up with the standard planes. You might use planes to represent faces and axes to represent the centers of holes. Axes are often used to establish a direction, such as in plastic parts where, because of draft, you never truly have any vertical edges; an axis is frequently used to establish the direction of pull for the mold. Coordinate systems come in handy, especially when translating a part from one system to another for the purpose of machining or some type of analysis. SolidWorks users usually model in such a way that the modeling work is made simpler by the choice of how the part origin is positioned relative to features of the part, but rapid prototyping, machining, mold building, and sheet metal manufacturing applications may have different requirements. As a part modeler, you cannot account for the needs of all downstream applications with your initial choice of origin placement, but you can always create a reference coordinate system for those downstream applications to use.
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Figure 20-39: You can easily sort the Feeds view using a variety of methods.
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FIGURE 8.16 Using Direction 2 with a curve-driven pattern
A composite index is a clustered or nonclustered index that includes multiple columns. Most indexes are composite indexes. If you use SQL Server Management Studio s Index Properties form, composite indexes are created by adding multiple columns to the index in the General page. When creating a composite index with code, it must be declared in a create index DDL statement after the table is created. The following code sample creates a composite clustered index on the Guide table in the CHA2 database:
Format tab.
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The inverse subthreshold slope (sometimes called the S factor) is S = ( . =l(10)n U(3.55) In- G
With great power comes great responsibility Understanding multibody techniques Creating multibodies Managing bodies
If you don t bring additional and discernible value to a project, then you re only as good as the next person. But if you bring clear value-added, then you become an integral and perhaps irreplaceable aspect of the solution or improvement.
and for the same reason. The pgrep version of the command is also more readable.
5. Browse to the extracted wordpress/ directory that was created in Step 2. 6. Upload the contents of the wordpress/ directory into your DOCROOT. The contents of the directory should include directories wp-content, wp-admin, and wp-includes, so you know you re on the right track if these folders are present. 7. Once all files have been uploaded, point your browser to wp-admin/upgrade.php, where is the location of your WordPress home directory. 8. Click the Upgrade WordPress Database button, as shown in Figure 17.1.
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