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Creating an Edge Flange
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Tarek Abdelzaher University of Virginia Web Quality of Service Charles Abzug James Madison University Linux Operating System Patricia Adams Education Resources Strategic Alliances Carol A. Akerelrea Colorado State University Usability Testing: An Evaluation Process for Internet Communications Gary C. Anders Arizona State University West Online Auctions Amy W. Apon University of Arkansas Public Networks Pierre A. Balthazard Arizona State University West Groupware Ashok Deo Bardhan University of California, Berkeley Real Estate Joey Bargsten University of Oregon Multimedia Hossein Bidgoli California State University, Bakers eld Computer Literacy Internet Literacy Gerald Bluhm Tyco Fire & Security Patent Law Robert J. Boncella Washburn University Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) J. Efrim Boritz University of Waterloo, Canada XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language): Business Reporting with XML Sviatoslav Braynov State University of New York at Buffalo Data Mining in E-commerce Personalization and Customization Technologies Randy M. Brooks Millikin University Online Publishing Colleen Brown Purdue University History of the Internet Tara Brown-L Bahy Harvard University Distance Learning (Virtual Learning) Linda S. Bruenjes Lasell College Internet2 Gerard J. Burke University of Florida Supply Chain Management L. Jean Camp Harvard University Peer-to-Peer Systems Charles J. Campbell The University of Memphis Java Janice E. Carrillo University of Florida Inventory Management Michael A. Carrillo Oracle Corporation Inventory Management Lillian N. Cassel Villanova University Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) J. Cecil New Mexico State University Virtual Enterprises Haluk Cetin Murray State University Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Internet Henry Chan The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China Consumer-Oriented Electronic Commerce C. Janie Chang San Jose State University Public Accounting Firms Camille Chin West Virginia University Cybercrime and Cyberfraud T. Matthew Ciolek The Australian National University, Australia Online Religion Timothy W. Cole University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) Fred Condo California State University, Chico Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) David E. Cook University of Derby, United Kingdom Standards and Protocols in Data Communications Marco Cremonini Universita di Milano, Italy ` Disaster Recovery Planning
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The example I gave a couple of sections ago in An Upgrade Example looked at an internal drive, but if you have more than one PC, or if you travel a lot with a laptop computer, you may prefer an external unit. External CD burners (see Figure 3.15) connect via a SCSI or USB port on the back of your PC; they typically have their own power adapter. For laptop use, you can either use a built-in USB port or buy a CD-burner kit that includes a credit-card drive controller you insert into an available PC card slot.
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Introduction to Dialog Boxes
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Part II Manipulating Data with Select
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FIGURE 10.30 Performance of a RAKE receiver in a two-path Rayleigh fading channel for different numbers of parallel codes, a variety of spreading factors, and an SNR = 20 dB [Lat98b].
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More about adding users to groups
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headline and tested it and improved response by 20 percent. I changed the price and saw little change in total response. The lower the price, however, the more orders I received. But when I changed just the satisfaction conviction, the response rate doubled. In one ad, I said, If you don t buy anything during your two-year subscription, I ll refund the unused portion of your subscription. In the second ad I stated, But what if you never buy from us and your two-year membership expires Fine. Send us just your membership card and we ll fully refund your ve dollars plus send you interest on your money. In the rst ad, you see a basic, simple trial-period type offer. In the second version, however, you see an offer that goes well beyond the trial period and can be classi ed as a satisfaction conviction. In the test, the response doubled even though the satisfaction conviction was at the very end of the ad. This meant that people read the entire ad and then, at the very end when that important buying decision had to be made, the satisfaction conviction removed any remaining resistance to buying into the concept. If you have gotten the reader into the slippery slide and all the way to the end of an ad, it s that last part of the ad where you ve got an awful lot to do. Think about it. You ve got to explain the offer to the prospect, why it s a good offer and why he or she should buy the product, and then you ve got to do something dramatic to push him or her over the edge all within the very last part of your sales message. It s like a salesperson asking for the order and then also saying, And if you buy this from me now, I will do something that few salespeople would do to ensure your satisfaction. The right satisfaction conviction is important, too. The ideal satisfaction conviction should raise an objection and resolve it, as I ve indicated in the previous chapter, but in resolving it, go beyond what people expect. It was effective in my Consumers Hero ad because it tied perfectly into resolving any last-minute resistance. First it raised the objection What if I don t buy from your bulletin
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13.2 The EnerSearch Industrial Research Consortium as a Virtual Organization
1. Open the file for which you want to create specified permissions. 2. Click the Permissions button on the toolbar.
3. In the Control Panel, click System and Maintenance. The System and Maintenance window opens, as shown in Figure 2.27.
3.4 3.4.1
Audit Policy
If you re familiar with other programming languages, this may seem somewhat odd, but if you read the line of code, it makes perfectly good sense. The block of statements will repeat five times, just like the code says. If you need to increment or decrement a variable value inside a loop, you have to manually create it and process it inside the loop. Try this example:
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