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The equipment required is simple to use. An of ce boy has been trained to operate the transmitter in 1 week. An executive s wife learned not only to adjust a home receiver but also to replace paper and the printer blade that serves as ink in 1 hour. Lee Hills and Timothy J. Sullivan, Facsimile, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1949
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and, since w is monotone decreasing, we have [u2(r) p ( r ) ] = [w(r,) - w ( r ) ] r5 / Hence Minimizing ave{u,(lx, - ti)} to is equivalent to performing one location step, from t(m) t("+');hence ave{p( / xt I)} is strictly decreased, unless t(m) t("+') already is a solution, and convergence = towards the minimum is now easily proved. Convergence has not been proved yet when t and V are estimated simultaneously. The speed of convergence of the location step is satisfactory, but not so that of the more expensive scatter step (most of the work is spent in building up the matrix C). Some supposedly faster procedures have been proposed by Maronna (1976) and Huber (1977a). The former tried to speed up the scatter step by overrelaxation (in our notation, the Choleski decomposition would be applied to C2instead of C , so the step is roughly doubled). The latter proposed using a modified Newton approach instead
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2. The person helping you enters the Remote Assistance password in the text
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The file or folder owner The default group Everyone else on the system
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Figure 7.2.5 Comparison of blank wafer spectra for W L and Au L excitation. The applied power is 9 kW for each. Courtesy of Rigaku Corp., Japan
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For forward channels Walsh codes are assigned by the BS. For reverse channels, Walsh codes have xed values that depend on channel type. Every MS uses the same codes because transmissions from individual MSs are separated from each other by long code phase offsets. The short PN codes and the long PN code used with SR-1 are the same as for IS-95 (Section 13.1.2). For SR-3, the short PN codes in the forward direction are the same as for SR-1; in the reverse direction they are based on a sequence 220 2 1 chips long, truncated to a length of 3 215 chips. The long PN code in the forward direction is the same as for SR-1; in the reverse direction it is derived from the standard SR-1 code generator with a multiplexing operation that boosts it up to the higher chip rate. Forward CDMA Channel. Channel separation is provided by Walsh codes. With RC 1 and RC 2, spreading is the same as for IS-95 (Fig. 13.2-1). With RC 3 and above, after Walsh spreading, channels are spread by a complex multiplier with the two short PN codes, whose phase offset provides BS identi cation. Most channels, such as Traf c Channels, are also scrambled with the long code before spreading. Others, such as the Pilot and Sync Channels, are not. A highlevel conceptual view of the bit manipulation process that generates the physical Forward CDMA Channel is shown in Figure 13.3-3(a). Reverse CDMA Channel. In RC 1 and RC 2, the Access Channel and the Traf c Channels are fully compatible with IS-95: they use Walsh codes for orthogonal modulation and long PN code offsets for channel separation (Fig. 13.2-2). In RC 3 and above, each common channel and each group of dedicated channels transmitted by a given MS is separated by a long code phase shift, generated by a mask that depends on the channel type:
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Reorganizing Your Site for Easier Navigation (continued)
Using symbols in notes and dimensions
Figure 17-4: Developing the Contact table in the OBXKites sample database using Management Studio s Table Designer Table Designer displays only the column name and data type (with length), and allows nulls in the column grid. While these are the main properties of a column, I personally find it annoying to have to select each column in order to inspect or change the rest of the properties. Each data type is explained in detail later in this chapter. For some data types the length property sets the data length, while other data types have fixed lengths. Nulls are discussed in the section Creating User-Data Columns, later in this chapter. Once an edit is made to the table design, the Save Change Script toolbar button is enabled. This button displays the actual code that the Table Designer will run if the changes are saved. In addition, the Save Change Script button can save the script to a .sql file so the change can be repeated on another server.
Primary port 2
The Windows Server 2008 Account: A User s Resource
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