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One feature of PHP that many web developers love is the ability to create include files. You might also hear these referred to as server side includes. The include() statement allows you to include the contents of one web page within another web page simply by referencing a filename. This process is a lot like using a frame or an iframe in HTML, but it s easier, and you can be surer that web browsers will display everything the way you want.
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This works exactly like the modules section that you saw earlier. Any file placed in this directory is included in the server configuration. If you look in that folder, you see a file called 000-default, which contains the configuration directives for the main server. Open it in nano. The top part of the configuration looks like this:
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Three hooks should be made available in every theme to ensure compatibility with the most number of WordPress users:
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Figure 23-1: You use the Visual Studio .NET Server Explorer to manipulate Database Objects and remoter Servers directly from the Visual Studio .NET IDE. The nodes in the Server Explorer window are presented in two separate sections: Data Connections and Servers: The Data Connections section lets you add connections to regularly used data connections. After these data connections are established, the Server Explorer window enables you to manipulate the underlying database objects. The Servers section allows you to connect to remote servers, and program against a variety of services that may be available, such as Web services. Adding connections To add a connection to the Server Explorer, right-click the node and select Add Connection from the pop-up menu. After clicking Add Connection, the Data Link Properties dialog box, which provides all the options available for adding a valid data connection using a variety of available drivers and data sources, opens. As you see later in the chapter, by having this connection available in the Server Explorer, you can easily drag the connections onto forms or components; Visual Studio .NET and the IDE automatically add the appropriate code to configure the connection within that item of a
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Understanding the importance of the Settings interface Configuring your phone with a password lock
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8. What must you do before you can use Windows Remote Assistance
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126 : 131
FIGURE 9.10 Performance of a discrete matched lter receiver operating on a troposcatter channel. The single-path at-fading case is included for comparison.
Creating an entire layout
4: What s New in the Windows 7 User Experience
>> l = List.find(:last) => #<List id: 2, listname: Dream Jobs , created_at: 2009-10-13 18:52:46 , updated_at: 2009-10-13 18:52:46 >
A secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection enables remote access clients to establish secure connections to the RRAS server or to the local network to which the RRAS server is connected from a nonsecure network such as the Internet. Once connected by a VPN connection, the remote user has the same capabilities and security that he or she would have when connected locally to the network. A common use for VPN is to allow remote users to access les, printers, and other resources on the of ce LAN when they are on the road or working from other locations. In a VPN connection, the data packets are encapsulated with additional header data that provides routing data to enable the packet to reach its destination. The segment of the connection in which the data is encapsulated is called a tunnel. Data is encrypted before it is encapsulated to make the data secure as it travels through the public network. Tunneling protocols manage the traf c ow between the client and server. By default, Windows Server 2008 supports two tunneling protocols: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). These protocols are described earlier in this chapter in the section RAS Connection Types and Protocols. All previous operating systems and Vista and Windows Server 2008 clients support PPTP; Windows Server 2008 clients in fact support both PPTP and L2TP. Non-Microsoft clients that support PPTP or L2TP can also connect to a Windows Server 2008 VPN server. When you set up a Windows Server 2008 RRAS server manually as a remote access server, Windows Server 2008 automatically installs both PPTP and L2TP and con gures ve ports for each protocol, meaning you can connect ve remote VPN clients with each protocol. If you use the wizard to con gure the server as a VPN server, the wizard creates 128 ports each for PPTP and L2TP. In either case, you can change the number of virtual ports available for connections through the Ports branch in the RRAS console. To easily con gure a VPN server, run the con guration wizard and select the desired VPN option. See the section Con guring RRAS for Inbound Connections earlier in this chapter for a
Grouping within a Result Set
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