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The command-line install enables you to use something as simple as a batch file to perform the SSE installation. In fact, you can simply open a command prompt using the Start Programs Accessories Command Prompt shortcut. You perform an SSE setup using the SETUP.EXE file located in the directory you used to store the uncompressed SSE application files. If you want to perform a basic install, all you need to do is type SETUP at the command prompt and press Enter. You can achieve the same thing by double-clicking SETUP in Windows Explorer. Most references you ll see recommend using the Start command to start the SSE setup program. Using Start causes Windows to open a new command window to execute SETUP. Unless you have a specific reason for using a separate command window, you may want to skip this utility. However, before you make a decision, type Start / at the command line and press Enter. You ll see numerous command-line switches you can use to customize the commandline environment for SETUP.EXE. For example, you might want to run the window minimized or bump up the installation priority so it completes faster. The one command-line switch that you always use with the Start command in this case is /WAIT. The /WAIT command-line switch tells Windows to keep the window open until SETUP.EXE completes its tasks. Consequently, a command line using Start would look like this (all of the command-line switches appear on one line, even though they appear on multiple lines in the book):
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Overview of multicast forwarding
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White Balance
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While network-attached printers are becoming more common these days, many people still use printers that are directly connected to an individual PC, typically by a USB cable. In such cases, it s nice to be able to print to that printer from other PCs on the home network. Although you could temporarily unplug these printers and plug them into a different machine, an easier way is available. You can share these printers so that other PCs on the network can access them.
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The simple OOP example we created isn t necessarily the best way to create a class and use it. In that example, you created all of the properties using the public classification, which means that any application that uses the Product class can directly access the
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I have included some of my part and assembly templates on this book s CD-ROM for you. Copy these files to the location specified at Tools Options File Locations Document Templates. When you begin to create a new document, and the New SolidWorks Document dialog box gives you the option to select one of several files to start from, those files are templates. Think of templates as start parts that contain all the document-specific settings for a part (Tools Options Document Properties). The same concept applies to assemblies and drawings. Templates generally do not have any geometry in them (although it is possible).
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APPENDICES 13.A.1 Relationship between the Impedance in Series and in Parallel The impedance reading from a test includes both real and imaginary parts, which are usually expressed in series as shown in equation (13.A.1). Sometimes the impedance with its real and imaginary parts in series must be converted into the impedance with its real and imaginary parts in parallel. Figure 13.A.1 sketches the real and imaginary parts of the impedance expressed in series (a) or in parallel (b). Their relations are RS + jX S = RP // jX P = Q=
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For a discussion of the Games folder, see 21.
System.Data.DataRowVersion.Current, Nothing))
3: Navigation Makeovers
The transfer function of the active lter as shown in Figure 6.17(b) is Fatv( s) = If A then Fatv( s) = where sCa R2 a + 1 s 2 a + 1 = , sCa R1a s 1a 1, A ( sCa R2 a + 1) . sCa R2 a + 1 + (1 + A) sCa R1a
deliver it, the systems involved provide the basis for the exchange and for the displaying of network information at the monitoring station.
Figure 10.A.18 Topologies of type impedance matching networks. Note 1: Zm is the original impedance to be matched. Note 2: In the title of circuit topology, rst part marked with subscript 1 is connected to the original impedance to be matched, second part marked with subscript 2 is connected to the reference impedance, 50 . Note 3: Subscript P stands for in parallel and subscript S stands for in series.
NS, and MX records. Use a query type of any to return all information available
Output of the FDD Mode The PhysicalRandom Access CHannel (PRACH) of Table 1.5 is used to carry the RACH message on the UL. A random access transmission is activated whenever the MS has data to transmit and wishes to establish a connectionwith the local BS. Although the procedure of this transmission will be elaborated on in Section, here we will briefly highlight the structure of a random
32: Using Plastic Features and Mold Tools
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A list of all the programs for your computer appears in the left column.
TABLE 18.7 System analysis of a receiver front end by the cascaded equations
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