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2: Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
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IsDefault (Protected Instance Property)
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ask yourself if you wouldn t be better off buying a new system. Heck, the bundled software alone in a new system can save you considerable dollars. Also, if your PC is really old, you have to wonder if what you ll end up with is a turbocharged Yugo. If you have a 486 PC or a Pentium one, you should think hard about simply replacing it rather than upgrading it. Some of the procedures in this book will void your warranty with extreme prejudice. So, if your computer is still under warranty, you may want to make an anonymous phone call to your hardware vendor and ask if installing a memory module (or whatever) yourself would disqualify your machine for warranty repair. I ve never seen a case where a vendor has refused warranty service for an upgraded PC unless the defective part was actually installed by the user or damaged by something else the user did, but you should consider that it could happen and some vendors are more understanding about these things than others. Finally: This book contains opinions (gasp!). I don t pretend to be neutral about different technologies, companies, procedures, or products; some stuff I like, some I don t. The opinions in this book are informed ones, and I try to identify when I m editorializing so you can accept or reject those opinions based on your own experience and judgment.
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Not all of the listed options are available in the model sketch environment; some are available only in drawings. Horizontal Ordinate Dimensions are simply ordinate dimensions that are forced to drive dimensions in a horizontal direction. Horizontal and Vertical Ordinate Dimensions have the same function as the regular Ordinate, except that they only drive horizontal and vertical dimensions, respectively.
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5. Select the preset power plan you would like to customize.
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Keep the warranty info. Some batteries fail very young in life, and you don t want to pay
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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The names of objects within a cube can be very long and difficult to type correctly. Fortunately, SQL Server Management Studio provides a convenient drag-and-drop interface for specifying both object names and MDX functions. Begin by opening a new Analysis Services MDX Query, and choose the appropriate Analysis Services database in the toolbar, and the target cube in the upper left-hand corner of the query window. The Metadata tab (see Figure 45-2) is automatically populated with all the measures, dimensions, and so on, for that cube. MDX queries can then be built up by dragging objects onto the script pane or by switching to the Functions tab and similarly dragging function definitions.
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Packaging and Deployment
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The network model for cdma2000 is almost the same as the one for AMPS and IS-95 (Fig. 13.3-1) [14]. The main elements are the base station (BS), comprised of a base transceiver station (BTS) and a base station controller (BSC), the mobile switching centers (MSCs), and the packet data service node (PDSN). The PDSN connects the radio access network (RAN) to the packet data network, to support wideband data communication. A description of the PDSN can be found in [15,16]. Like IS-95, cdma2000 systems are synchronized via GPS. Spreading Rates (SRs). cdma2000 supports two spreading modes: spreading rate 1 (SR-1) and spreading rate 3 (SR-3). SR-1 uses one RF carrier per direction, each with a 1.23-MHz bandwidth and a 1.2288-Mc/s chip rate. SR-1 service is called 1X and has the same chip rate and bandwidth as IS-95 systems but provides faster packet data rates concurrent with voice.
Working with Layouts and Placeholders
Now that you know a little bit about Group Policy, you can work with actual settings. For example, you may want to add or remove a user or change security settings. However, it s extremely important to note that any changes made to Group Policy settings could have profound effects on your system and how it performs or behaves. You can use either the console you created in the MMC discussed earlier or use the gpedit.msc file to make changes to your Group Policy settings locally. Using the console tree (see Figure 5.33), you can expand and collapse the various menus. When you find the desired policy to change, click it in the details pane. A detailed overview of the policy appears on the left side of the details pane (see Figure 5.34). Double-clicking the setting in the details pane opens settings elements in the Extended tab of the pane on the right. Click on a name and then click the link to its immediate left to configure it. Right below the link you will find a brief definition of what the setting is. Once you click the link, you can configure the settings according to your needs. Once you ve finished, be sure to click Apply, and then click OK in order to make sure that everything has registered! Watch Out!
Chamfer Dimension is another type of dimension that is only driven and only applied in drawing documents. It works by first selecting the chamfered edge, and then selecting the angle reference edge. It produces dimensions like the one shown in Figure 4.26.
Coexisting with other Empires
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