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Offsetting Page Elements to Avoid Eye Competition (continued)
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Routing and Remote Access
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You can share this file with other users without having to give them the password or decrypting all files and folders. In the Advanced Attributes page, you ll notice that there is now a Details button that appears next to the encryption option. Click it and the current user access window appears. As you can see, you are the only user currently authorized to access this file. Click Add and then select one of the users from the list. If desired, you can view their certificate by clicking the
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FIGURE B.2 The Modify dialog box
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Image plate
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There seems to be some confusion between the respective roles of diagnostics and robustness. The purpose of robustness is to safeguard against deviations from the assumptions, in particular against those that are near or below the limits of detectability. The purpose of diagnostics is to find and identify deviations from the assumptions. Thus, outlier detection is a diagnostic task, while suppressing ill effects from them is a robustness task, and of course there is some overlap between the two. Good diagnostic tools typically are robust-it always helps if one can separate gross errors from the essential underlying structures-but the converse need not be true.
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In creating the commands that would be available in Windows PowerShell, Microsoft s developers used a verb-noun naming convention. Some common Windows PowerShell commands are as follows:
Naturally, the most seamless of all of the importers is the WordPress import. If you need to move a blog from to, to WordPress Multi-User (MU), or other combination in between, using the WordPress importer is the easiest (and sometimes the only) way to do it. The WordPress export format (WXR) is an XML file that carries all of the post, link, tag, category, and comment data from one WordPress blog. An example of such a file is shown in Listing 16.3. It is the lengthiest of all the sample export files because the information included is highly detailed and geared specifically for WordPress.
Examples of the double hold line fillet
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