FIGURE 6.21 Using line thickness and line style in .NET

Encoding QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in .NET FIGURE 6.21 Using line thickness and line style

In a presentation with a lot of color in the background, it can be easier to view slide content in grayscale, or black and white. You can view grayscale slides in Normal, Slide Sorter, or Notes Page view.
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17 Table 17.2 ROLE Comparing Active Directory to NDS by Role (Continued) ACTIVE DI RECTORY Global Catalogs are updated simultaneously with other replication cycles to ensure low latency. Designed to optimize replication traffic across wide-area network links. NDS Catalog architecture forces tradeoffs between speed and consistency with underlying partitions. High catalog latency since catalog is rebuilt only at scheduled intervals (default is 24 hours). Partitions that span wide-area links not recommended by Novell. Lacks support for Kerberos and Smart Cards. Catalog does not enforce object- and attributelevel security within the catalog database. Partition size limits complicate extranet use. Lack of name-space integration with DNS makes object naming and location more complex. Partition size restrictions limit use for directory consolidation. Provides no formal way to request change history information; requires customized synchronization agents. Catalog architecture forces tradeoffs between speed and consistency with underlying partitions. Support from many leading vendors missing. NetWare provides a limited environment for application developers. Applications must work within partition limitations. Limited LDAP-based access to NDS features.
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10 1 Correlator receiver 10 2 10 3 10 4 10 5 BEP 10 6 10 7 10 8 10 9 10 10 10 11 1 RAKE receiver }3dB
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By default, all DNS les are stored in C:\windows\system32\dns. Incremental backups should catch any changes made to these les. If you have enabled dynamic updates to DNS, you quite often see this le change. After you have restored the operating system on your server, ensure that the DNS server is indeed installed. If it wasn t installed during your last backup, you can perform a reinstall by using the Con gure Your Server Wizard. Accept all defaults on this wizard, which are of little consequence anyway because you overwrite the con guration les with backups. After you have veri ed that the DNS server is installed and running, you need only restore all *.dns les from your backup media. After you have restored these les, shut down the DNS server and restart it to see the con guration changes.
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P-CCPCH: Primary Common Control Physical CHannel SCH: Synchronization CHannel
Description Display the call graph analysis Do not display the call graph analysis Generate annotated source code as separate output files Do not display total tally of functions and number of times called Display suggested reordering of functions based on analysis Display suggested object file reordering based on analysis Display output in traditional BSD style Set width of output lines Display every line in annotated source code within a function Demangle C++ symbols when displaying output
Finally, Figure 24.10 provides an overview of the different kinds of bursts and illustrates the functions of their bits.
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