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The number of cells in each cluster is called the frequency reuse factor of the cellular system. Cells using the same frequency are called co-channel cells. It can be shown that the relation among the frequency reuse factor K, distance between two co-channel cells D, and radius of a cell R is given by D = 3K R (11.3.1)
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One would be hard pressed to find an argument against the statement business systems drive business. Networking and business systems are big business. Many companies today are leveraging very large
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Table 20-1: Default Internet Explorer 8 Command Bar Buttons
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Creating Triggers
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Accessing server properties.
Domains are the building blocks of a Windows 2000 network.
If the caller is using a pushbutton phone, he then sends the appropriate DTMF digit, and the PBX processor sets up a connection to an agent who is quali ed to handle the requested service. This arrangement has become quite popular with business organizations, because it reduces the need for PBX attendants. Calling subscribers are less enthusiastic, especially when having to respond to a series of these prompts. Telecoms are also equipping their local exchanges for caller interactions. This opens the door to intelligent network services, which are described in 17.
Block # 8
Table 32-1: ASP.NET Session Objects
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