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Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
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Doing so closes the Send tab in the Options window. Deselecting the Send Messages Immediately check box is a carryover from the era of timed dialup accounts, when users would go online to send and receive messages while doing most of their composing of messages offline. However, even in today s broadband and wireless era, this approach can still be useful when you are working on a laptop on a train or airplane, or somewhere where wireless access is unavailable and yet still want to keep up with your electronic correspondence. To receive your messages, either set up Mail to automatically check for new mail at periodic intervals (via the Tools Options General menu, selecting the Check for New Messages Every x Minute(s) option, and specifying an interval from 1 to 480 minutes) or click the Send/Receive button.
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Figure 15-4: Output after setting the thread priority The ThreadPriority enumeration dictates how a given thread will be scheduled based on other running threads. ThreadPriority can be any one of the following: AboveNormal, BelowNormal, Highest, Lowest, or Normal. Depending on the operating system that the threads are running on, the algorithm that determines the thread scheduling can be different. By default, when a new thread is created, it is given a priority of 2, which is Normal in the enumeration. Thread state When you create a new thread, you call the Start method. At this point in time, the operating system will allocate time slices to the address of the procedure passed in the thread constructor. Although the thread may live for a very long time, it is still passing between different states while other threads are being processed by the operating system. This state may be useful to you in your application. Based on the state of a thread, you could determine that something else might need to be processed. Besides Start, the most common thread states you will use are Sleep and Abort. By passing a number of milliseconds to the Sleep constructor, you are instructing the thread to give up the remainder of its time slice for the given period of time. Calling the Abort method will stop the execution of the thread. Here is some code that will use both Sleep and Abort. Imports System.Threading Imports System Module Module1 Private t1 As Thread Private t2 As Thread Sub Main() t1 = New Thread(AddressOf Threader1) t2 = New Thread(AddressOf Threader2) t1.Priority = ThreadPriority.Highest t1.Start() t2.Start() Console.ReadLine() t1.Abort() t2.Abort() End Sub Sub Threader1()
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Mean Carried Teletraffic (Erlangs/km2h4Hz)
reported in the literature, the only trench structure that is still in manufacturing in significant volume is the one developed by IBM. Compared to the structure shown in Figure 7.3c, where the signal charge is stored in the bulk n+ silicon region outside of the trench, the IBM structure stores a charge on the n+ polysilicon region inside the trench. Figure 7.6 summarizes how the IBM's DRAM structure has evolved from 4- to 256-Mb DRAMs 1 .
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