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Part III: Working with Assemblies
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Booting the DVD
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DL burst #2
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The cursor threshold property sets the number of rows in a cursor set before the cursor keysets are generated asynchronously. Synchronous keysets are faster than other cursor types, but they consume more memory. Every cursor keyset will be generated asynchronously if the cursor threshold property is set to 0. The default of -1 causes all keysets to be generated synchronously, which is OK for smaller keysets. For larger cursor keysets this may be a problem. When you are working with cursors, the following code will permit synchronous cursor keysets for cursors of up to 10,000 rows:
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Note that the phase is steady through the linear region of operation. Around the 1 dB compression point, the phase changes as the input power level is changed. This will produce an undesired phase modulation whenever the amplitude of the signal is modulated (which occurs in most modern digital systems).
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Drag here and the motion is smooth Drag here and the motion is poor
any of the local printers marked as shared.
Requirements Development (RD). Requirements Management (REQM from the level 2 Maturity Level). Technical Solutions (TS). Product Integration (PI). Verification (VER). Validation (VAL). While the process areas themselves are not a process and don t necessarily imply a time sequence, they map perfectly to the Vee (Figure 21.5). The message of starting at the upper left leg of the Vee by eliciting requirements and then planning the project incorporates the RD process area, as well as the first specific goals from PI, VER, and VAL. The first Specific Goal from these three process areas addresses early planning for how the resulting products or systems will be integrated, verified, and validated at the opposite side of the Vee. Continuing down the left leg of the Vee through stepwise refinement of requirements into concept and architecture down to build-to design and implementation shows how the practices within RD and TS are intended to f low together and result in product implementations of the requirements. The off-core activities describing how the Vee accommodates investigations at any time shows how
a loose coupling of tools through HTTP; the use of a central storage facility (Sesame); support for weakly structured media (plain text, HTML and PDF formats); the choice of RDF(S) as a knowledge representation format; the conformance to a commonly agreed upon data model.
UserName: Joe -Password : who cares
At this point, you may be wondering how the bash calculator is going to help us with floating point arithmetic in your shell scripts. Do you remember our friend the backtick character You can use the backtick to run a bc command, and assign the output to a variable. The basic format to use is:
Part III Developing with SQL Server
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