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Figure 11.2-11. Format of parameters. Par.12: continuity indicators. Par.17: nature of connection indicators. Par.18: optional backward call indicators. Par.19: optional forward call indicators. Par.24: suspend/resume indicators.
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This query examines the current and what-if gross profit margin by product subcategory, including a subcategory total across all products. Note how the names are designed to match the other hierarchies used on their query axis. FORMAT_STRING is an optional modifier to set the display format for a calculated member. The source cube contains default formats for each measure, but new measures created by calculation will likely require formatting. [Product].[Subcategory].[Total], like most totals and subtotals, can rely on a parent member (in this case the [All] level) to provide the appropriate value:
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17. Turn the PC on, boot normally, and check to see if your new drive appears (for example, by looking in the My Computer folder). You should also press the eject button to make sure the CD carrier is active and works properly. 18. If everything looks good, turn the PC off, disconnect the back panel cables, replace the cover, and reconnect the cables. 19. Install the manufacturer s software bundle and follow the directions to burn your own CDs.
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When you make an extrusion from a 3D sketch, the direction of extrusion cannot be assumed or inferred from anything it must be explicitly identified. Extrusion direction from a 2D sketch is always perpendicular to the sketch plane unless otherwise specified. Non-planar sketches become somewhat problematic when you are creating the final extruded feature. The biggest problem is how you cap the ends. Figure 7.5 shows a non-planar 3D sketch that is being extruded. Notice that the end faces are, by necessity, not planar, and are capped by an unpredictable method. This is a problem only if your part is going to use these faces in the end; if it does not, then there may be no issue with using this technique. If you would like to examine this part, it is included on the CD-ROM as 7 Extrude 3D Sketch.sldprt.
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SolidWorks remembers which tabs to show on a per document type basis. This means that when you are working on a part document, you will have one set of tabs. When you switch to an assembly document, you will see a different set of tabs. The same goes for drawings. Notice that in Figure 2.3, in the right mouse button (RMB) menu, the options Copy Tab to Assemblies and Copy Tab to Drawings appear. These options make it easier to set up customizations that apply for all document types.
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The whole point of editing a home movie, TV show, or other video is to watch it and, preferably, share it with others. Unfortunately (but as we ve come to expect), Windows Live Movie Maker offers only limited ways to share your completed videos. You can save them to your hard drive in reasonably high-quality, or you can publish them to the Web. That s it. In previous versions of Windows Movie Maker, you could publish to the PC, to DVD or CD, to e-mail, or back to a digital video camera. On the other hand, those products were clueless about popular video Web sites like YouTube. So this is progress, depending on your point of view. The publishing capabilities of Windows Live Movie Maker are segregated into two separate options in the ribbon, Publish and Output. Publish enables you to upload your video to a video-sharing site, while Output is for creating local videos that is, saving them to the PC s hard drive. (Presumably, you re free to then copy those files to DVD, CD, e-mail, or whatever, on your own.) We ll examine both options.
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In the cases of (9.22), the voltage re ection seems not too harmful to the digital voltage if impedance matching is ignored as usual. However, when L > 10%, and S > 10%, then (9.25)
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In contrast to the previously considered downlinkscenario, in practical systems perfect orthogonality cannotbe achieved in the uplink (mobileto base station), since there is no coordination in the transmission of the users' signals. In CDMA, all users transmit in the same frequency band in an uncoordinated fashion. Hence, d k ) # 0, and the corresponding scenario is referred to as an asynchronous transmission scenario. In this case, the time-delay d k ) , k = 1, ..., K , has to be included in the calculation. Without loss of generality, it can be assumed that = 0 and that 0 < T ( ~ < d 3 ) < ... < d K ) < T b . In contrast to the ) synchronous downlink scenario Equation 1.19, the demodulation of the ith symbol of the of jth user is performed by correlating the received signal r ( t ) with a ( j ) * t )delayed by #, (
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Windows also comes with a number of diagnostics and utilities to keep it running smoothly and to repair problems when something does go wrong. As with earlier operating systems, the market will soon be flooded with third-party applications that will claim to make Vista even more stable and to prevent potential problems. Windows Vista will not be foolproof. Microsoft will release updates and, most likely, service packs that enhance not only stability but security and functionality. Updating Vista on a regular basis is more than necessary, it s mandatory. This chapter can help you keep Vista up to date, teach you when to run diagnostics and repair programs, and show you how to back up your data. It also provides some information about the builtin stability enhancements that Vista boasts.
USE Northwind SELECT OrderID, ProductID, Quantity FROM [Order Details];
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noise component of these three ambient light sources over a range of wavelengths from 0.4 to 1.4 m. Incandescent light, being rich in long-wavelength (red) light, has the worst effect because its spectral peak (around 0.7 m) overlaps that of GaAs diodes. Daylight contains less IR radiation than incandescent light does, but if sunlight falls directly onto a receiver lens, whether indoors or outdoors, the dc component can saturate the photosensitive diode, preventing proper operation of the receiver. Fluorescent light, the predominant type of illumination in of ce and professional buildings, contains a relatively small amount of IR radiation. However, unlike sunlight and incandescent light, the optical interference generated by a uorescent light follows the pattern of the line voltage, causing a strong 120-Hz interference baseband signal rich in harmonics reaching as high as 50 kHz [Ank80]. Figure 14.13 shows the spectrum of harmonics of the interfering signal from a uorescent bulb. One way of avoiding this dominant source of interference is to modulate the transmitted signal onto a carrier frequency which is at least several hundred kilohertz. Figure 14.14 shows the maximum theoretical transmission speed of pulse code modulation (PCM) systems for different room sizes in the presence of uorescent
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