FIGURE B.3 Using the Show Dimension Names option in .NET

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A drop-down menu appears.
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Modeling Multibodies
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The OU is a welcome addition to the network. In Active Directory, you can create these containers to re ect your enterprise or organization. To illustrate, we re-created the organizational chart of a major U.S. city and merged it into the domain of a cyberspace city called Millennium City. This will become the sample enterprise we will return to during later discussions of Active Directory. The organization chart on the left in Figure 17-15 shows the hierarchy of departments and divisions in Millennium City at the time a directory for this organization was being contemplated. You can see that the chart shows a diverse collection of departments, both local and geographically dispersed, and various sites and services. On the right in Figure 17-15, the same organizational chart is represented with OU objects in Active Directory. In any domain on the domain path, you can create organizational units, and inside these organizational units you can create group, user, and computer objects. You can also add custom objects to the domains and OUs. Active Directory also enables you to create any end point or leaf object outside the OU.
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Building the Network
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Watch Your Step
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Part I
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Sheet versus Format
Standard 3 View
and instantaneous way to add disk space to a volume, by using an empty folder on the volume as an access point to another volume on one of the local disks. If no local disks with free space are available, you can install another and use it for the mount. Removing a mounted volume is just as easy. Neither of these operations requires a reboot. Mounted volumes can use practically any type of storage, including removable media. This gives you plenty of exibility in handling disk space shortages. For example, you can mount a new volume onto the D: drive using one of its empty folders and then extend that volume if you start running out of space on the D: drive again. Mounted volumes are available only when the volume where the mount point resides is formatted with NTFS, because reparse points (on which volume mounting is based) are not available in FAT or FAT32. However, the volume you mount can be formatted with any le system supported by Windows Server 2008, including FAT, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS, and UDF. Disk Defragmentation. This is the process of rearranging data on a disk to make it contiguous. This reduces seek time and effectively speeds up access to data. Disk defragmentation, introduced in Windows 2000, has been improved in Windows Server 2008 through the addition of a command-line interface (defrag.exe), the Disk Defragmenter application, and scheduling capabilities. We cover it in depth in 14. Disk Management Tools. These are part of Windows Server 2008 Server and include Disk Management console and several command-line utilities. Disk Management is implemented as an MMC snap-in. It enables you to manage disks and volumes on local and remote systems. It is covered in more detail later in this chapter. The diskpart.exe command-line utility provides a shell from which you can launch multiple, disk-management-related commands. It is typically used to automate disk management tasks. It can be run in either interactive mode or in batch mode, using a text le containing multiple commands as input. The fsutil.exe command-line utility is used for the management of le systems and volumes. You can use it, for example, to determine volume characteristics (such as le system, volume name, and so on) or to query how much free disk space a volume contains. Run the following code to display total and free bytes on the C: volume:
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