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33 Settings: Windows Phone offers a tremendous amount of customization functionality, for both the built-in services and onboard apps. You can find this all in the Settings interface, available in the All Programs list. Settings is shown in Figure 3-31.
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12. Exit the Custom Properties dialog box. 13. Now that you have made a few changes manually, the following steps guide you through bringing these changes into a design table and using the design table to make additional changes. From the menus, select Insert Design Table. Use Auto-create as the Source, allow model edits, and turn on all three option in the Option panel. Click OK to create the design table. Figure 10.24 shows the design table that you have automatically created.
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SEO Strategies
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21 Developing Stored Procedures
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Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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field probe must be carefully used so as to not short out electrical circuits. It is recommended to begin troubleshooting with a low voltage level and increase the voltage until the problem area is detected. Continue this procedure until all problem areas are located and solutions or fixes implemented. Magnetic field probes are usually shielded. This shield prevents the pickup of stray electric fields. Stray electric fields can lead one to investigate an incorrect area of a product that is generating unacceptable levels of RF energy or prevent one from detecting the actual source. Generally, common-mode currents are radiated from cable assemblies that contain a defective shield. These defective shields cause the majority of radiated emissions. Sometimes, the electric field is generated by common-mode voltage present within the system s chassis. The magnetic field pin probe may be one of the easiest probes to use and is a valuable diagnostic tool in the engineering laboratory. All loop probes are directional. When searching for sources of emissions, the probe should be positioned in two or three orientations to locate the strongest signal. Since radiated emissions are caused by both electric and magnetic fields, an unshielded loop probe may be desired. Unshielded loop probes are sensitive to both types of field: magnetic and electric. The resulting voltage from the probe is not accurate; however, their use can speed up the time it takes to locate a particular area from which an unwanted emission is coming. The loop probe shown in Figure 5.24 works up to 1 GHz [3]. A smaller diameter loop (e.g., 10 mm) will have an improved high-frequency response with less sensitivity at lower frequencies. Probes with more than one turn are more sensitive at lower frequencies. There is inter-turn capacitance between the windings. This capacitance considerably reduces high-frequency response. Most designers use a variety of probe sizes for both low- and high-frequency investigations. The magnetic field probes shown in Figure 5.25 are not well insulated against the hazard of electric shock. If these wires accidentally touch electrical circuits or components, permanent damage can occur rendering the system worthless. In some situations electrocution will happen. Care must be taken when using noninsulated probes. Use of heat-shrink tubing or a thick resin applied to the assembly is recommended. Shrink tubing will not affect the performance of the probe.
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12. Set the Format property of the text box that calculates the total sales to C to display the currency amount. 13. Add additional report items and then format as desired. 14. Preview the report to view the list of products sorted in descending order by the total sales amount.
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so that superconducting linacs will be used to avoid RF power loss in acceleration structures. The accelerated beam produces high intensity and high brilliance synchrotron radiation in all the bending magnets and undulators installed on the return pass to the entrance of the linac for energy recovery. The outward appearance of ERL is not very different from that of a third generation source, but it is not a storage ring and consequently it is free from various technical constraints imposed on storage rings for storing an electron beam in a circular pass for a long time. The electron beam may be focused down to a few micrometers in diameter and bunches may be compressed to 100 fs. The beam lifetime is not a critical issue because electrons are used only once to produce synchrotron radiation in the return pass, so that the undulator gap may be reduced to a few millimeters and accordingly its period length may be made as short as some millimeters. ERL has many advantages over the conventional synchrotron radiation sources based on storage rings. To turn these advantages into reality, however, there are some technical issues to be solved, including the electron source and stability of the beam, because ERL is a dynamic accelerator and there is no such built-in stabilizer as radiation damping in a storage ring. ERL can provide synchrotron radiation with an average brilliance that is two to three orders of magnitude higher than in the case of third generation sources and the estimated peak brilliance is also extremely high.
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Vtn = Vtno + ( Vsb + 2 F 2 F ) ,
supports SRV records, incremental zone transfers, DDNS, and secure DDNS. All but the SRV record are optional, but Microsoft highly recommends the use of these features to guarantee the integrity of the DNS system. In the event your existing servers do not support SRV records you have three options: upgrade the server to Windows 2000 DNS, upgrade the third-party solution to a version that supports SRV records, or integrate a Microsoft DNS server as a delegated subdomain for the root domain.
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