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Note: You can use this method to move a bullet item from one slide to another.
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Security and Active Directory
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Hardware problems are almost always painful. Even if you never do any hardware maintenance yourself, knowledge of the symptoms of various types of failure and the commands available for bringing a system back to operational status will help you determine what s wrong and make sure that problems are resolved. Hopefully you ve found something relevant to your systems in this chapter that it will come in handy if ever a system refuses to boot. Systems are changing all the time and books like this one are not published more than once every few years. Take advantage of the information available to you on the Sun and SunSolve sites for updates of critical hardware information. The most common reasons systems don t boot are because file systems are corrupt or there is a problem with the boot block on the disk. Less frequent problems, like those mentioned in this chapter, can occur, however, and you ll be ahead of the game if you know what other things can go wrong.
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Figure 19.18 Incremental development incremental delivery, with evolutionary iterations on increment 3.
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However, thousands of people are using this service. They are logging on and transferring funds to other people who appear to have a need. They are peer-topeer fundraising. There is no middleman. No third party. No nonpro t. Why they are doing this is a good question, and one that would merit an in-depth study of Modestneeds donor motivations. However, I would hazard a guess that actually most individuals have a good soul, and want to make the world a better place. And that, despite what the media and certain politicians would like us to believe, asking for someone s charity is something that the vast majority of human beings do only when they really have no other choice. It is not something most of us do easily, and as a result, there is a fundamental ltering process happening. The donors want to do good, and increasingly want to see the tangible results of their gifts. They may even want to create links with the bene ciaries in a similar way to being a child sponsor. And the bene ciaries really need the support and appreciate it. Let s be clear here; this is still a very minority activity . . . for the moment. At the time of writing, only 3,500 people have been helped by Modestneeds. But
Histogram. This displays the histogram and the recording data of the displayed image the same way that the Histogram button on the back of the camera does. When the Histogram button is pressed, it displays the histogram and shooting data of the displayed image. Pressing the button a second time returns to the previous view.
The Save Optimized As dialog box is displayed. Locate your images directory for your Web site, type hd_studies.gif in the Save As box, and click Save. Your image heading is now ready to be added to your HTML page.
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