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7: Selecting Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 209
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Windows Calendar
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8: Network Applications
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Inside Scoop
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Tutorial: Working with Assembly Configurations
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Here, you create a client and a contact. With the assignment statement (<< to add one or more objects), they become connected. Now, if you have a client object, you can find out the available contacts by executing a simple method:
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Fig. 6.16 coincide. Two of the lines joining corresponding vertices are now the bases of these triangles, so only one of the three has to be added. We now construct three similar triangles on 'the lines joining corresponding vertices' as bases (Fig. 6.15). We have made these triangles rather small, so that two of the free vertices actually lie inside the original bold triangles. The theorem now says that the free vertices form a triangle similar to the original pair. However, the figure seems a bit unsymmetrical, with two vertices inside the original bold triangle and the other alone at the top, so we will increase the symmetry by adding a third bold triangle, similar to the original pair, as in Fig. 6.16. Now the theorem says that, given three similar triangles, with pairs of common vertices arranged as in Fig. 6.16, and three points, similarly situated, one in each triangle, these points form a fourth triangle of the same shape. This theorem looks and sounds markedly different from the original theorem, but we can go further, in two directions. The first approach is to set the diagram of the theorem in a wider context, and to realize that similar triangles can actually tessellate; that is, by adding more similar triangles we get a tiling of the whole plane, using two types of triangular tiles, each type of consistent shape but varying in size (see
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name A string associated with an entity (user, file, device, etc.) generally known by the system by a number or address. named pipe A first in, first out (FIFO) file used for interprocess communication. name space The collection of names stored in a particular system. NAS Network-attached storage. netgroup A collection of systems or users grouped together to facilitate their sharing of some network resource. network The hardware, cabling, and other components and devices that connect systems together. The term generally refers to the equipment within organizational boundaries. network-based file system A file system that is not stored and used on a single system. Contrast with local file system. Network Information Service (NIS) A distributed network information service, originally called Yellow Pages (yp). Network Information Service Plus (NIS+) The hierarchical and more secure network information service that was designed to replace NIS. newfs A command for creating a new file system. newsgroups Electronic message groups (e.g., alt.doglovers) distributed worldwide. new-line character The character that marks the end of a line in Unix ASCII files, octal 12. NFS The distributed network file system developer by Sun and available for almost every operating system. niceness value The priority value given to a Unix process. It is called niceness because users can lower the priority of their own processes, allowing other processes to run more quickly. NIS See Network Information Service. NIS domain The collection of information available from a NIS server. NIS maps Collections of network information available for use on a network. NIS+ See Network Information Service Plus. NIS+ tables Collections of network information available for use on a network. node A general term, usually synonymous with host. nonvolatile memory A memory device that does not lose its contents when power is lost. nslookup A tool used to make DNS queries, usually used for debugging. Contrast with dig. NVRAM Nonvolatile random-access memory. OpenBoot Firmware for booting and running basic hardware diagnostics. owner The person associated with a file or directory. Contrast with group.
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Client s designated name server
The extra environment
3. Click the feeds page you wish to see.
by $2.50, the pro t per unit is $12.50 $9.50 = $3.00. Multiplied by the million units, this is $3 million. If the price drops by $2.50, you would lose money on each unit pumped, so you will just shut the property down and settle for a pro t of zero. The average of $3 million and zero is $1.5 million, three times the pro t associated with the average gas price! (See Figure 11.2.) Notice that if your contract forces you to pump, the average value drops back to $500,000. Now what you choose to pay for such a property is your business, but if you do not recognize that its average value is way over the value based on average gas prices, then you will be outbid by people who recognize the option opportunity. The last example shows that the Flaw of Averages cuts both ways. Sometimes when you plug averages of uncertain values into your plans, it overestimates the average outcome, and sometimes it underestimates the average outcome.
Erbium-doped ber ampli er.
APPENDICES 16.A.1 Notes about RFIC Layout
6. Select (or deselect) the items you wish to include/exclude in the right column of your Start menu, as shown in Figure 2-24. (Be sure to use the scrollbar to reach all possible options.)
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