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Exploring the World Wide Web
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Using the Visual Studio look and feel, any window may float, be docked, be part of a tabbed window, or be hidden off to one side. The current mode may be selected by right-clicking on the window s title bar, selecting the down arrow on the right side of a docked window, or from the Window menu. In addition, grabbing a window and moving it to the desired location will also change the window s mode. Following are the available options: Setting the mode to floating instantly removes the window from Management Studio s window. A floating window behaves like a non-modal dialog box. Setting the mode to tabbed immediately moves the window to a tabbed document location in the center of Management Studio, adding it as a tab to any existing documents already in the location. Drag a tab to change its tab order. Dragging a tab to a side location creates a new tabbed document. Any location (center, right left, top, bottom) can hold several tabbed tools or documents. A tabbed document area can hold more documents than there is space for to display the tabs. There are two ways to view the hidden tabs. The most obvious way is to scroll horizontally, but the more efficient method is to pull down the list of documents from the Active File arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the tabbed document area. While a dockable window is being moved, Management Studio displays several blue docking indicators, as shown in Figure 6-1. Dropping a window on the arrow will dock it in the selected location. Dropping the window on the center blue spot adds the window to the center location as a tabbed document. Opening several windows will keep the tools right at hand, but unless you have a mega monitor (and I envy you), the windows will likely use too much real estate. A solution, and one of my favorite new interface features, is auto-hiding any window that you want out of the way until the window s tab is clicked. To auto-hide a window, use the View Auto-Hide menu command or toggle the pin icon in the window s title bar. When the pin is vertical, the window stays open. When the window is unpinned, the window autohides. An auto-hidden window must be pinned back to normal before its mode can be changed to floating or tabbed (see Figure 6-1).
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Services of different data rates and different QoS requirements are carried by different physical channels, namely, the FCH and SCHof Table 1.11. This differs from UTRA and by IMT2000, wherebydifferent services were time-multiplexed onto one or more physical channels, as highlighted in Section These channels in cdma2000 are code-multiplexed using Walsh codes. Two types of coding schemes are used in cdma2000, as shown in Table 1.12. Basically, all channels use convolutional codes for forward error correction. However, for SCHs at rates higher than 14.4 kbps, turbo coding[l081 is preferable. The rate of the input data stream is matched to the given channelrate by either adjusting the coding rate or using
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/Tours/Tour/@Name [ Gauley River Rafting ]
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The average of the two original averages is just !(P + Q), so we want to know when
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n mid-2007, Apple released its iPhone smartphone in the U.S., touching off an explosion in sales of smartphones cell phones with Internet connectivity and computerlike capabilities. But the iPhone isn t an ordinary smartphone. Instead of targeting the business market, like Microsoft, RIM, and other smartphone OS makers had in the past, Apple went after its bread-and-butter customers, consumers. And just as they did with the company s other wildly successful iPod products, consumers couldn t snap up the iPhone quickly enough. Apple had created a new market. And existing players, including Microsoft, began to respond with iPhone-like systems of their own. Microsoft, of course, is no stranger to the smartphone market. Devices based on its Windows Mobile system sell in the tens of millions of units per year, or about 12 percent of all smartphones sold worldwide. That s enough to put Microsoft in the top five for this crucial market. But by the time you read this, it s very likely that iPhone market share will surpass that of Windows Mobile, which is astonishing given the short amount of time it has been available. Microsoft s response has been to bolster Windows Mobile with iPhone-like touch interfaces, free online services that provide capabilities that Apple sells at extra cost, and a continued evolution of a platform that has been around for a surprising amount of time. In this chapter, we ll take a look at Windows Mobile, see how it s evolving to meet the iPhone threat, and explore how you can interact with Windows Mobile devices in Windows 7.
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Towards the Semantic Web
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21: Managing E mail and Contacts
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Various, soils and minerals
The LinearGradientBrush is used to paint along a line (or within a rectangle) using two colors. The brush begins at the right side of the line with the first color and, while painting across the area, the color morphs into the second color. Figure 29-2 demonstrates this effect and Listing 29-3 provides the code to accomplish this.
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Medress had received a degree in Near Eastern languages from Berkeley, did a stint in the Peace Corps, worked overseas, and then got an MBA from UCLA before ending up at a large New York bank. One of his assignments at the bank was to establish a line of credit for the lm company that had produced the 1987 hit Dirty Dancing and several less successful lms. From this and similar projects, Medress gained expertise in valuing theatrical and television property rights. After working as an entertainment banker for several years, he founded his own valuation rm, Cineval LLC, in the mid-1990s. In early 2000, Medress attended a simulation seminar of mine in Palo Alto. During lunch he described how he was putting together an investment in lm properties and wondered whether it made sense to simulate the uncertainty of the portfolio for the investors. I told him it would be dereliction of duciary duty if he did not run a simulation, and a few weeks later we had our meeting at the Georgian in Santa Monica near his of ce to explore the idea.
Network A
Figure 15.3 An example test setup with a large PCB. top metallic area GG: ground of signal generator bottom metallic area GS: ground of spectrum analyzer conductive via from top to bottom GP: ground of DC power supply zero capacitor A, B, C, D, E, F, G: expected ground points on PCB. SMA connector
n-JFET Guard ring Reset D G S Anode Ring #1
analytic signal is called the pre-envelope. The real part u ( t ) is referred to as the in-phase component, and the imaginary part w ( t ) is called the quadrature
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The Active Directory is said to be both scalable and flexible. The scalability of Active Directory was discussed in earlier chapters. This chapter
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Signaling Method
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