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As shown in Figure 1.9, several tabs can be displayed on the advanced interface. Each of these tabs is created by creating a folder in the template directory specified in the Options dialog box (Tool Options).
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14: Windows Server 2008 File Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . 447
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Consider, for example, a project that hedges the risk of the current portfolio. Figure 29.2 displays the effect in the risk/return graph when the hedge is clicked in or out of the portfolio. If you do not want to download the Excel demo model, you may visit FlawOfAverages.com to see an animation.
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From Clause Data Sources
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Concatenating strings is not allowed within T-SQL query , so parameters fill the need. The query and the definition must be Unicode strings. Parameters provide optimization. If the T-SQL query has the same parameters for each execution, these parameters can be passed to sp_executeSQL so that the SQL query plan can be stored, and future executions are optimized. The following example executes the same query from the Person table in the Family database, but this example uses parameters (the N before the parameters is necessary because sp_executeSQL requires Unicode strings):
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The A700 has a unique Memory Recall mode, which lets you save up to three groups of settings to be used later. When the Mode dial is turned to MR, the multiselector can be used to choose between three different saved settings. The A700 lets the user set a huge variety of modes and settings. You can save any combination of the following settings: Drive mode, ISO Sensitivity, white balance, exposure compensation, Metering mode, Focus mode, image size, Aspect ratio, image quality, D-Range optimizer (DRO), Creative Style, Custom button, Exposure step, Flash mode, Flash control, Power ratio, ash compensation, ISO Auto maximum, ISO Auto minimum, AF-A setup, AF area, AF area position, Priority setup, AF illuminator, AF with shutter, Long Exposure Noise Reduction, High ISO Noise Reduction, and Recording mode. When saving the Recording mode, it is important to remember that the exposure value is saved along with the mode. When the Recording mode is set to A, the aperture
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2 Setting Up the Alpha A700
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Note that almost any directive that you can use within the httpd.conf file can be used within a directory directive (sometimes referred to as a directory container ). This allows you to have very different settings for some Web directories and provides the basis for virtual Web sites. Adding Virtual Web Sites Name-based virtual hosting in Apache is easy to configure and support. Before editing the httpd.conf file, you need to be sure that each of the additional names to be associated with the server have been set up as CNAMEs (aliases for the server) in your DNS server. Once this is done, you can add a set of lines like those shown below for each virtual server that you will be supporting.
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creased, both inductance and interwinding capacitance increased, allowing more RF energy to bypass the inductor. A larger core was a solution, but as usual, there was insufficient space for a larger device. However, there was room for a second, smaller size inductor. According to basic circuit theory, capacitors in series behave as resistors in parallel. A smaller value capacitor in series with a larger capacitor results in an equivalent circuit with total capacitance that is smaller in value of either capacitor individually. By placing a smaller size inductor (5 H) with a small interwinding capacitance in series with the larger common-mode inductor (in the millihenry range along with its large interwinding capacitance) resulted in a reduced emission level, thus meeting the Class B requirement. 3. Radiated Emission Situation. A commercial bread-slicing machine was being EMI tested and failed radiated emissions from 30 MHz to about 200 MHz. The cause of the emission was traced to the controller s PCB by use of a near-field sniffer probe. The board was a common two-sided assembly with traces on both top and bottom. The company did not want to incur the expense of going to a multilayer board; it had already ordered several thousands of these boards that were beginning to be assembled. The problem was due to bad layout and trace routing. No time was available for a second revision of the PCB. Fortunately, the failure was by only about 3 5 dB. A solution was to make a discrete ground plane from copper laminate and attach it to the bottom of the board with some edge clips. This reduced the noise by 6 8 dB, yielding a passing criterion of 2 3 dB. 4. Another Radiated Emission Situation. A system was being tested for radiated emissions with a failure at 2.4 GHz, the data rate frequency for fiber-optic transceivers. A problem frequency can be translated into a physical dimension by the equation = C/f as starting point for analysis. Any aperture or wire antenna/transmission line that approximates this physical dimension would be the first area of concern related to locating the radiating source, as this dimension equates to being an efficient radiator for a particular frequency. The other dimension for antenna ef1 ficiency would be 1, 1, 1, 16, . . . of a wavelength. This was verified by tracing the sig2 4 8 nal with a near-field loop probe to the fiber-optic connector front-panel mounting area. The wavelength for this frequency is about 5 in., and therefore, the half-length is 2.5 in. The leakage was located to be around the end of a mounting plate that holds and mounts the fiber-optic connector to the front panel. There is a rectangular slot in the front panel 2 in. in length and in. wide, which are divisible into the number 5. The mounting bracket was made from metal and had a conductive coating as did the front panel. However, at these higher frequencies, the quality of the grounding or bonding becomes critical. A gasket made from fabric over foam was cut out to fit into this area to improve grounding and thus reduce the resistivity of the connection. The signal at 2.4 GHz dropped by 8 dB.
Figure 4-34: You can emulate the old Vista Sidebar by double-clicking gadgets.
Part I
USE CHA2 go CREATE TRIGGER InsteadOfDemo ON Guide INSTEAD OF INSERT AS Print Instead of trigger demo Return
SELECT AuditDate, OldValue, FROM dbo.Audit NewValue
2. Multiplex sublayer (MS), which handles dedicated channels 3. Broadcast/multicast multiplex access control (BMAC) sublayer, which handles broadcast and multicast channels Examples of physical-to-logical channel mapping are shown in Tables 13.3-6 and 13.3-7. A more detailed depiction of the channel structure in the MAC sublayer is shown in Figs. 13.3-6 and 13.3-7. The multiplex and QoS sublayer exchanges data with logical channels in the form of data blocks. Data blocks from a logical channel or from multiple logical channels (depending on channel type) are mapped into a physical channel. For example, F/ R-PDCH and F/R-FCH can carry both signaling and user data, each coming from a different logical channel. The various combinations are controlled by multiplex options and a logical-to-physical mapping (LPM) table. In the transmit direction, one or more data blocks are combined, after adding a header, into a MuxPDU, whose header determines which components (primary, secondary, and signaling traf c) are included. Figure 13.3-8 shows an example, in which a MM value of zero would indicate that the PDU contains only primary traf c, while a MM value of 1 would indicate that the PDU contains more than one type of traf c, as determined by the values of the TT and TM elds. One or more MuxPDUs are combined to form a MAC SDU. The MAC SDU is sent to the physical layer in a primitive.
End Get End Property </script> </head> <body> <font face="Verdana" size=2> DataBinding to a Property on the Page </font> <form runat=server> Name: <b><%# FirstName %></b><br> Age: <b><%# Age %></b> </form>
WITH CTEName (parameters) AS (Simple Subquery) SELECT... FROM CTEName
To add a column, right-click near where you want to add the column, and choose Insert Column Right or Column Left. Inserting rows is exactly the same. The next thing you will want to do with a column is to assign what kind of data goes into it. You can use a custom property such as Part Weight or Vendor, as shown in Figure 24.8. Access this interface by double-clicking a column header and selecting Custom Property from the drop-down list.
Keeping Your Data Safe: File and PC Backup
Adding Graphics and Drawings
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