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Protected variables
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C. Passman and T. Wixforth, A Calibrated Phased Array Antenna with Polarization Flexibility for the Tsunami (11) SDMA Field Trial, in Proceedings ofACTS Summit, 1997. Equalization Carrier and Tracking in TwoD. N. Godard, Self-Recovering Dimensional Data Communication Systems, IEEE Transactionson Communications, vol. COM-28, pp. 1876-1875, November 1980.
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QoS Provisioning for 802.11 Home Wireless Networks 61
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1 Access Points 2 Access Points 5 Access Points
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Figure 3.27: The interference rejection achieved using ULMS beamfonning upon varying the reference signal lengths for a two element antenna array using an element spacing of X/2, at equal SNR and INR. The source was at 0" and the interferer at 30" evaluating loo00 averaged runs over a Gaussian channel.
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Creating Drawings
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Selecting Events
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To examine the procedure cache, use the syscacheobjects table:
Suppressed Sketch Relations
The focus of this chapter is on reprogrammable nonvolatile memory. It is, of course, possible to make nonvolatile memory by introducing permanent changes in the memory cell structures either during manufacture or in a "programming" step. The former approach is usually referred to as read only memory (ROM), and is the earliest form of commercially viable semiconductor memory. The latter approach is referred to as programmable read-only memory (PROM), operates by applying an electrical overstress to elements to either cause conductors to blow open (fuse technology) or to cause dielectrics to short-circuit ("short") (antifuse technology). The ROM and PROM technologies are omitted from this chapter. The fundamental challenge of reprogrammable nonvolatile technology is that it should be possible to store information in a short time (K< I s) so that the time to fully write a memory with a million addresses is economically feasible in volume production while the information, once stored, is retained for more than 10 years (- 3 x 108 s). This requires very nonlinear phenomena. The first two technologies that are discussed in this chapter, floating-gate memory and silicon nitride memory, employ processes that are very nonlinear with applied electric field. Applied electric fields cause charge to be injected through or into insulators, which modifies transistor thresholds. The thresholds are sensed to determine the data state. A third technology, ferroelectric memory, relies on a field across a dielectric film to switch the orientation of the remnant polarization.
Figure 18-9: Here, you configure which views the system chooses when you push your Tablet s screen orientation button.
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