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One of the first changes you may notice in the new version of Event Viewer is the Actions pane on the right. This pane provides an alternative way of performing actions on the items you select by adding shortcuts to some of the most common tasks. All of these actions can also still be performed from the menus or by right-clicking. In the scope pane on the left, new nodes have been added including Windows Logs, Applications and Services Logs, and Custom Views. The information tracked in Windows Logs includes the following logs:
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Though it is often overlooked, one of the easiest ways to move a database from one computer to another is to detach the database, copy the files, and attach the database to SQL Server on the destination computer. For developers who frequently move databases between notebooks and servers, this is the recommended method. Detaching a database effectively deletes the database from SQL Server s awareness, but leaves the files intact. The database must have no current connections and not be replicated if it is to be detached. Only members of the SysAdmins fixed server role may detach and attach databases.
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Part III
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So far we have been arguing about what 'has to be' rather than using 'mere technique' but now the latter is just what we need. We simplify the last equation in the best schoolbook manner, without needing to think about the meaning of what we are doing, but just going through the motions, confident that we shall get the correct answer if we make no careless errors.
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Figure 13-4: BinaryReader public members Working with namespaces So now you have found that the functionality you need is in the System.IO namespace, in a class called BinaryReader. To start working with this namespace, you would import it into your application, and then declare an instance of the BinaryReader class. The following code demonstrates this: Imports System.IO Public Class MP3Reader Public Function ReadMP3() As Boolean Dim fs As New FileStream("C:\mymusic.mp3", _ FileMode.Open) Dim br As New BinaryReader(fs) While br.Read ' do something End While End Function End Class But how do you even know how to get that far First, you could buy a book like this one and hope there are great samples on using the IO namespace (see 10). Or, there could be samples in the SDK or you could go the hard way and figure out what each of the members in the class represent, and start coding. If you choose the latter, your first step will be to understand how to read the members in the classes.
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As the name suggests, Dynamic Mirror mirrors sketch entities as they are created. You can activate it by selecting a centerline and clicking the button on the Sketch toolbar. Dynamic Mirror is not on the toolbar by default; you need to select Tools Customize Commands to add it to the toolbar. You can also access Dynamic Mirror through the menus at Tools Sketch Tools Dynamic Mirror. When you activate this function, the centerline displays with hatch marks on the ends and remains active until you turn it off or exit the sketch. Figure 8.5 shows the centerline with hatch marks.
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Furthermore, the number of tunable sites within the complex allows for their utility in preparing several ternary chalcopyrites of varying composition, in addition to engineering the SSP to match a given spray CVD process (Fig. 6.4).
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provides an introduction to system security including a lot of recommendations to help you nail down your systems quickly. 14 introduces high availability and tells you what you can do, even on a small budget, to keep your network services up and your systems available most of the time.
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Home of the famous CD-based MicroHouse Technical Library, including data on motherboards, network interface cards, hard drives, controllers, and peripheral cards.
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