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There are problems with LDAP s handling of X.509 security certificates. The handling of the X.509 attribute userCertificate is based upon a string format and X.500 (88) version 1 certificates. However, this approach does not work with the X.500 (93) version 3 certificates, which are the basis of most security systems. This means these new security fields do not get carried within the LDAP protocol; consequently, the full version 3 certificates cannot be rebuilt in the client. The solution is found in LDAP v3, which reverts to a binary encoding for userCertificate attributes. This means the certificate is exchanged in its raw ASN.1 form rather than using a string encoding. Consequently, the original, unmodified certificate is carried within the protocol.
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The following sample DDL trigger captures information about any table changes in the CHA2 database and records the changes to an audit table:
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Infrared ports those little dark-red windows you may have wondered about on your computer s back panel (see Figure 5.7) appear in just about every laptop you can buy, but in just about none of the desktops. So, if you happen to have a portable computer, and you like the idea of convenient wireless printing, you may want to get a printer with an infrared port. (These also go by the name IrDA port, for Infrared Data Association.) The speed of these ports isn t terrible (it ranges between 115Kbps and 4Mbps) as long as you don t do a lot of heavy graphics or really long documents.
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Compression Delay (ms) 0.75
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The Pictures library works like other libraries and most other shell locations in Windows Explorer and provides the standard Address bar, Search box, toolbar, Navigation bar, and Details pane. It also includes a number of features that are specific to pictures. For example, while all libraries include Organize, Share with, Burn, and New folder toolbar buttons, Pictures also includes a Slide Show button that enables you to trigger a full-screen picture slideshow. (We discuss this feature later in the chapter.) You can organize photos and other pictures in various ways in the Pictures library. The Change your view toolbar button enables you to cycle through various shell view styles, including some, such as Extra Large Icons and Large Icons, which are particularly nice for viewing a folder full of pictures, as shown in Figure 12-5.
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Namespace Name and Settings. Specify the name to use as the namespace folder of the namespace. The wizard will create a folder for the namespace if needed. After you enter a folder name, you can click Edit Settings to open the Edit Settings dialog box, where you can specify the local path for the namespace folder and set access permissions. Namespace Type. On this page of the wizard, choose between a domain-based or a standalone namespace. The nal page of the wizard summarizes your selections and enables you to create the namespace. Click the Create button to create the namespace, and then click Close to close the wizard. The namespace then appears in the Management console. To create folders, click the namespace in the left pane under the Namespaces branch. The central pane displays any existing folders under the Namespace tab. To add a new folder, click the New Folder link in the right pane. DFS Management displays a New Folder dialog box in which you specify the name for the new folder (as it will appear in the namespace), and the physical folder(s) that will be targets of the folder in the namespace. As in the previous iteration of DFS, you can add multiple folder targets for a single folder name. After you add a folder, it appears in the center pane. You can click the folder target in the left pane to add additional targets or con gure replication for the folder.
but is better compared to a balloon oating in the air. Consequently, the testing of the sensitivity of the receiver is of course incorrect and is usually greatly degraded. It has been proven that the higher sensitivity of the receiver can be restored, in which it is enhanced by 6 dB after the test PCB is re-designed with good RF/AC grounding. Unequipotentiality on a Ground Surface A good ground RF circuit block implies that equipotentiality is maintained over the entire ground surface. In other words, the entire ground surface is an electrically equipotential surface. Unequipotentiality on the ground surface is one of the imperfect grounding problems. The tested results are questionable if the ground surface is not an equipotential surface, because the tested parameter is not referenced to the same reference ground point, GND. If the ground surface is not in an equipotential state, the current will ow over the surface and result in so-called current coupling, including both return current and forward current coupling, which might be the problem in the dark corner which puts the circuit block out of work! It should be noted that equipotentiality is not directly related to high conductivity. For instance, a copper layer with gold plating has very high conductivity. However, its conductivity does not guarantee that its surface is electrically equipotential. On the contrary, the voltage is generally different from one point to another. If the shape of this copper plane is long and narrow on a substrate or PCB, it is a micro strip line. The voltage on a micro strip line varies from point to point or from line to line. Strictly speaking, equipotentiality on a metallic surface is never exactly true; however, it can be well approached if its size or dimension is greatly less than the quarter wavelength, that is, Ld << 4, (14.5)
Pin, dBm
Setting Parental Controls
Table 46-1: XSD Data Types vs. CLR Data Types XML Schema Definition double datatype decimal enumeration float int long Qname short string timeInstant unsignedByte unsignedInt unsignedLong unsignedShort Common Language Runtime Double N/A Decimal Enum Single Int32 Int64 XmlQualifiedName Int16 String DateTime N/A UInt32 UInt64 UInt16
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