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9. Start a Knit Surface feature, and Shift-select all the bodies in the Surface Bodies folder (select the first body in the list and Shift-select the last body). When you click OK to accept the feature, notice that the number of surface bodies changes to one. Selecting bodies in this way is much faster for large numbers of bodies than selecting them one at a time from the graphics window.
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A frequent request from WordPress MU users is to be able to use different top-level domains for each blog. This is a difficult problem to solve without server-level tweaks, but it is solvable. Donncha O. Caoimh, the lead developer of WordPress MU, released the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin, available at This plugin is basic and solves some problems though not all of them. For example:
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13.5.2 Symbol Error Rate in Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
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N OT E Be aware that DNS setup changes significantly between Solaris 2.6 and
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Like other types of data, the SolidWorks table-driven BOM starts from a template. The BOM in Figure 24.1 was created from the default BOM template. When a BOM is initiated, you can select the template in the Table Template panel at the top of the PropertyManager, as shown in Figure 24.2. Table-based BOM templates are created in much the same way that other templates are created: n Specify the settings n Delete the document-specific data n Save the template To save the template, right-click the BOM and select Save As. In the Files of Type drop-down list, select Template (*.sldbomtbt, which stands for SolidWorks Bill Of Materials Table Template ). Any of the settings, additional columns, links to properties, and so on are saved to the template, and reused when you create a new template from it.
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Figure 9.1 Voltage delivered from a source to a load.
Logon scripts are locally stored scripts that tell Windows Vista what to do when starting up. These scripts can contain any valid command-line instruction. Usually in the form of a batch file, logon scripts can be
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Figure 5.3.25 A general view of The Last Judgement by Giotto in the Chapel of the Scrovegni, Padua, Italy. There is a variety of pigments producing a variety of X-ray spectra: A a red ag; B a gold halo in good condition; C a black halo; D medallion to the left of God; E white ag; F green ag
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