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Table 10-14: XMLTextReader Methods Method Description hashing algorithms and data structures like a hash table. GetRemainder IsStartElement Gets the remainder of the buffered XML. Tests if the current content node is a start tag. Resolves a namespace prefix in the current element's scope. Move to the specified attribute. Checks whether the current node is a content (nonwhitespace text, CDATA, Element, EndElement, EntityReference, or EndEntity) node. If the node is not a content node, then the method skips ahead to the next content node or end of file. Skips over nodes of type ProcessingInstruction, DocumentType, Comment, Whitespace, or SignificantWhitespace. Moves to the element that contains the current attribute node. Moves to the first attribute. Moves to the next attribute. Reads the next node from the stream. Parses the attribute value into one or more Text and/or EntityReference node types. Decodes Base64 and returns the decoded
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FIGURE 21.13
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The All in One SEO plugin, which I discuss in the next section, can handle the title tag manipulation and provides a large degree of customization. However, theme authors cannot rely on the installation of this plugin by end users. It is always a good idea to build the logic into the theme just in case. n
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where LTr is the truncation depth. This principle is shown in Figure 14.6. Data within the window of length LTr are stored. When moving to the next tuple in the trellis, the leftmost-state tuple moves out of the considered window, and we have to make a nal decision about which bits were transmitted there. The decision is made in favor of the state that contains the path that has the smallest metric in the currently observed state i.e., at the right side of the window. While this procedure is suboptimum, performance loss can be kept small by judiciously choosing the length of the window. In practice, a duration: LTr = 6L has turned out to be a good compromise. (14.43)
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Figure 19-17: Diving into calendar sync, you can determine how many days worth of scheduled items are synchronized.
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The SolidWorks Administrative Director creates the installation in a central location so that computers on the network can install from the central location without the discs. You can also apply standardized settings to each installation. The first step is to create an administrative image. This is similar to doing a normal installation. If you require detailed instructions on creating the administrative image, search the SolidWorks customer portal on the SolidWorks Web site. The second step is to create the initialization file. This contains the settings used for the administrative image installation. The settings can be taken from an existing installation of SolidWorks, or a registry file created by the Copy Settings Wizard.
Creating Tools for Distribution
Recovery Concepts
reduce a double chin, have the subject look slightly up and shoot down from a higher angle. Place the main light slightly higher than the camera and aim the light slightly downward, creating more of a shadow under the chin. Turning slightly toward the camera and having one side closer to the camera than the other is another great way for a subject to look slimmer. Pro le poses are not a good idea because they tend to exaggerate body size.
hen you place text on your Web site, you should have a dual goal of readability and visual appeal. You want to present written information clearly to your visitors, but you want to do so in a manner that complements your site design, rather than detracting from it. The key is striking an appropriate balance between these two objectives. In this chapter, you examine three text-oriented makeovers that help you achieve your design goals without sacrificing readability. The first makeover shows you how to take charge of your site s fonts through CSS. You then examine a makeover that takes an ordinary text heading and transforms it into something special by making it a graphic. Finally, bulleted lists are one of the popular ways to present lists of information. I show you how to change ordinary HTML bullets into the image bullet you specify.
Besides the tips and information provided in this chapter, there are a number of things you can do to help reduce your chances of being hit by a virus or spyware. These are low-cost, easy to implement ideas.
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In the following sections, we describe the basic types of firewalls and mention some alternatives.
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