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3. What are the possible coupling paths radiated or conducted Are communication cables routed above ground on tall poles or underground Are wire trays within the building containing numerous bundled cables of Ethernet or other telecommunication systems exposed to the environment How many systems are connected to the same AC mains distribution branch 4. Where is the exact location of the system(s) being affected and its relationship to other electrical equipment Is the building located in an environment with minimal ambients Is the system located near high-energy generating devices such as elevators and wiring closets 8.6 CREATIVE APPROACHES TO TROUBLESHOOTING (CASE STUDIES) In trying to solve an EMC event, one must be creative. Sometimes the standard method of analysis proves to be incorrect due to parasitics and other design features that are not readily noticeable. Simulation may not identify problem areas source of energy development or transmission media/path. Examples on how one can approach a problem are provided below based on real-life products. 1. Conducted Emission Situation. An avionic motor controller box failed to meet a required MIL-STD-461 conducted emission level. There was very little space available for a line filter. This element was the last item to be incorporated during the design process. A paper design demonstrated that a conventional - or T-filter would require too large (physically) an inductor. The problem frequency range was from 20 kHz to about 800 kHz as well as a high current requirement (40 A average with 100 A peak). The effectiveness of a filter is not only determined by individual component values but is also dependent upon the ratio of the component values to each other as determined from filter design equations. Since it was not possible to have a large inductor, a lot of capacitance was substituted for inductance. A modified value of inductance was chosen (25 H) with total capacitance of 3400 F. The filter design worked and the unit successfully met the MIL-STD-461 conducted emission test. This is a good example of thinking outside the box and going back to the fundamental design equations to determine or understand what effects various parameters have on a filter design. As long as there is good engineering judgment behind a decision, one should not be swayed by unconventional results or design practice. In this case, test engineers commented on how they had never seen a filter design with that much capacitance, but because of packaging constraints, this unique design apparently was the right one to solve the problem. 2. Another Conducted Emission Situation. In attempting to get a switching power supply to meet FCC Class B levels, no matter what size common mode inductor was used, the power supply could not meet the limits. Using a larger common-mode inductor had the opposite effect of generating more noise on the power lines. Analysis indicated that excessive interwinding capacitance between the coils of the inductor was the possible cause of failure. As the number of turns on the core in-
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Repetitive behavior: This the same type of behavior from potential customers over and over again. This could include everything from users accessing your pages in a certain order, to users repeatedly jumping to your site on a specific page or at a specific time. This repetitive behavior makes it much more possible for you to define patterns of behavior that lead to purchasing decisions or to other decisions that lead to the targeted goal conversion. Sequential behavior: This occurs when users sign on to your site and then visit pages or perform actions in a sequential manner. Monitoring sequential behavior helps you to discover established routines that lead to goal conversions. When you know what users are likely to do, because their habits are always the same, you re more likely to stay one step ahead of your competition. In addition to these broad categories of behavior evaluation, there are many categories of behavior that are much more specific. Here s a short list of some of the categories that can be monitored using behavioral targeting: Mobile users Internet power users (those who are always on it) Gamers Auto buyers Home buyers Personal investors Credit card shoppers New/expecting moms Hotel seekers Vacationers Luxury car researchers Sports car researchers SUV researchers Pick-up truck researchers Passenger car researchers Movie watchers Using these methods of behavior monitoring, it s much easier to target your ads to just the right people at the right time. If you ve discovered that many people buy from your site, but they first click through some of the articles on your site and you see this in the sequential behavior of several users, you can begin to infer that if you place additional relevant content (that s not too sales-y) on your site, then at a certain point in the process users will be more likely to click through your advertisements.
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we find that it approximates the constant one for a + 0, that is G,(w) M 1, W E R.For the Dirac impulse the correspondence d ( t ) t 1 is introduced ) so that (2.4) can be expressed as X(W) 1 X(W) the frequency domain. = in Equations (2.3) and (2.4) show that the kernel and the reciprocal kernel must satisfy
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in which wrec is the received waveform that includes the effects of the antennas. Each user follows a pattern of time hops known to the receiver designed for that particular transmitter, as well as the amplitude and delay associated with that communication link. Using this information, the receiver has to decide on the transmitted information bit which was encoded in the delay . Whenever the transmitted information bit is 1, the additional delay for information is zero, and for information bit 0, an additional delay of is added to the signal. Example 12.4: Multiuser Receiver for UWB-THSS Figure 12.10 shows the block diagram of a receiver for impulse-radio systems that was suggested in [Win98]. First
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Second, you can configure Windows Mail to always generate a read receipt for all e-mail. In the main Windows Mail window, click Tools, Options, and then the Receipts tab. Select Request a read receipt for all sent messages. Whenever you create a new message, the Request Read Receipt option is checked, and you can uncheck it if you don t absolutely need a read receipt for that message. You can also request a digitally secure receipt for any message that was digitally signed. Conversely, you can also send a secure receipt from
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