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The mobile carrier density per unit area is given by
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You can use a standard backup and restore procedure to create a subscription database on your subscriber. When you are deploying your subscriber, select the initialize the subscriber method.
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The bits that have thus been decoded are now re-encoded, and remodulated. Multiplying this symbol stream by the transfer function of the channel, we obtain the contribution that stream 1 has made to the total received signal at the different antenna elements. We subtract these contributions from the signals at the different antenna elements. Now we consider the cleaned-up signal and try to detect the second data stream. We again have Nr received signals, but only Nt 2 interferers. Using optimum combining again, we can now receive the desired data stream with diversity order 2. The next step is again decoding, recoding, and remodulating the considered data stream (stream 2 now), and subtraction of the associated signal from the total signal at the receive antenna elements obtained in the previous step. This cleans up the received signal even more. The process is repeated until the last data stream is decoded. This scheme is actually very similar to multiuser detection (Section 18.4): if different transmit streams were to come from different users, then H-BLAST would be normal serial interference cancellation. Note also that the encoding scheme does not require cooperation between different antenna elements (or users). Similar to serial interference cancellation, H-BLAST also faces the problem of error propagation, especially since the rst decoded data stream has the worst quality. In other words: if data stream 1 is decoded incorrectly, then we subtract the wrong signal from the remaining signals at the antenna elements. Thus, instead of cleaning up the receive signal, we introduce even more interference. This in turn increases the likelihood that the second data stream is decoded incorrectly, and so on. In order to mitigate this problem, stream ordering should be used: the RX should rst decode the stream that has the best SINR, then the one with the next best, and so on. Diagonal BLAST The main problem with H-BLAST is that it does not provide diversity. The rst stream, which has diversity order 1, dominates the performance at high SNRs. A better performance can be achieved with the so-called D-BLAST scheme. In this approach, streams are cycled through the different transmit antennas, such that each stream sees all possible antenna elements. In other words, each single transmit stream is subdivided into a number of subblocks. The rst subblock of stream 1 is transmitted from antenna 1, the next subblock from antenna 2, and so on (compare Figure 20.19). Decoding can be done stream by stream; again, each decoded block can be subtracted from signals at the other antenna elements and, thus, enhances the quality of the residual signal. The difference from H-BLAST is that each stream is sometimes in a good position in the sense that the other streams have already been subtracted, and thus the SINR is very high, while sometimes
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The Disk Defragmenter (see Figure 14.4) is a valuable tool that analyzes your hard drives to check for file fragmentation. If this number is too high versus the percentage of free space, the Disk Defragmenter will defragment your hard drive. The utility provides a very detailed report on the status of your hard drive and individual files. You should run this utility fairly regularly, depending on how often you use your machine. A good sign that your machine is fragmented is when your machine and applications run markedly slower for no apparent reason. Incidentally, if you have a Microsoft Live OneCare subscription, you can also defragment your disk there. Watch Out!
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You can always discover the minimum and maximum values for a particular property by running the sp_configure command with the property, but without the property value. For example, run EXEC sp_configure open objects and you ll discover that the open objects property can have any value in the range of 0 to 2,147,483,647.
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For Differential Quadrature-Phase Shift Keying (DQPSK) with selection diversity, the average BER is BER = 1 1 2 4
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The audio API option tells the game which programming scheme to use to process game sounds. Typically, you can choose from a software API (which is lower quality than hardware accelerated APIs) and hardware APIs like OpenAL and various versions of EAX. Your sound card can support various APIs, and you should choose the best one that your sound supports.
A network is made up of many defining elements that call for particular attention when implementing a Windows 2000 network. These include user considerations, WAN connections, the Internet, remote access to network resources, legacy system integration, mail systems, and integration with existing directories. Replication of the directory between domain controllers and sites is a major consideration when architecting your Windows 2000 network. Design aspects of the namespace must also weigh heavily in the decision process. The name hierarchy is the defining aspect of Active Directory and the way that your users access network resources. If your company has an Internet presence, this may affect the way you design your naming structure. The existence of non-Microsoft systems that utilize directory services such as Novell Directory Service (NDS) (also available for NT) and Sun s new directory services will also impact overall design.
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In this dialog box you can set the Terminal emulation features for the session. It consists of six areas:
1 Select an object to arrange. 2 Click the Drawing Tools
MMC can be configured to represent powerful management tools. MMC is also designed to offer a scaled-down view that is much less daunting to less-experienced administrators. In the simplest of cases, it can appear as just a task-oriented taskpad. Because MMC permits customization, multiple tools can be created and saved; each of the views in the preceding figures can be saved to separate files as different tools. These files may then be shared from the network or mailed to others as self-contained programs that will run on any number of Windows clients. This helps administrators delegate tasks throughout the network. For example, a senior administrator could create the view in Figure 9.2 (a list of services on a computer) and send that view to an operator who will manage only the services on that computer. The operator receives and can access only the UI pictured. Figure 9.3 illustrates a complex multiple Snap-in Multiple Document Interface view. The MMC parent frame (or outer container) has a master menu and toolbar option. The master menu offers what is typical of an MDI parent: file and window management, and Help. You will find these items standard in almost every Windows application. These controls manipulate only overall MMC functions and have no effect on Snap-ins or applications within. Figure 9.4 shows the customization of the MMC console. MDI child windows offer many different views, each consisting of a command bar, a scope pane, and a result pane. The command bar contains both pop-down menus and buttons. The scope pane (left side) is a tree control displaying the tool s namespace, the tree-formatted listing of
5. Click OK.
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Downstream TDMA 6 6 6 1.6 1.6 3.2 3.2 6.4 6.4 64-QAM 128-QAM 256-QAM Upstream QPSK 8-QAM 16-QAM 32-QAM 64-QAM 128-QAM TCM 6 7 8 2 3 4 5 6 7b 6 6 6 1.28 1.28 2.56 2.56 5.12 5.12 36 42 48 2.56 3.84 10.24 12.8 30.72 30.72
Some values are reserved and not available to users.
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