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Often when modeling, you are required to have a left- and a right-handed part. For this, you need to use a method other than body or feature mirroring. The Mirror Part command creates a brand new part by mirroring an existing part. The new part does not inherit all the features of the original, and so any changes must be created in the original part. If you want different versions of the two parts, you need to use Configurations, which have not been covered yet in this book.
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(c) Calibration kit: 50 W
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Network performance is an extremely important aspect of systems performance. An otherwise responsive server can be rendered unable to provide clients with adequate service if network congestion makes efficient communication impossible. Before we look at commands that can be used to gauge the state of the local network and the server s connections, we will take a quick look at how network connections are created, how they persist, and how they are eventually shut down.
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Figure 12-4: Errors and the calling chain You can see that if the original caller is the only procedure that has an error handler, the error will bubble all the way up to its own error handler. This is one of the biggest problems with unstructured error handling. An error can be very deep within an application, and if each procedure does not handle errors as they arise, it is extremely difficult to debug and find the reason for the error. Even worse, if one of the procedures in the calling chain uses On Error Resume Next, the error may never get caught because the original caller's error handler will never get notified of an error. For example, if Sub-A used On Error Resume Next, once an error occurred in Sub-B the execution would continue in Sub-A and not return the error to GetName(), which is really what you want. The best way to avoid these issues is to use the Structured Exception Handling routines discussed earlier in the chapter.
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21: Web Server
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Activating the Phishing filter
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The Phishing Filter submenu appears to the left of the Tools menu. (See Figure 3-7.)
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An onsubmit event for a form triggers a JavaScript routine before the form is submitted. Any event handler you attach to onsubmit is your final chance to validate data before the form is processed. Add the following code inside your form element s definition:
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10. What are some of the add-ons available for IE7 Where are these items
In other words, in this particular coordinate system, the step
Intra DC/AC prediction
Table 6.2 Taking Architectural Photographs
is divided into 40 separate areas, and the light is measured in each segment. Then the A700 uses this information to set the exposure of the whole scene. This mode is great for most general shooting.
Figure 11-28: Windows Media Player provides you with an ongoing status update as you rip a
Here s an example of when the metric value comes into play: Assume your network has two connections to the Internet. Connection A is the one you want to use most because you pay a at, monthly fee for it. Connection B is charged by bandwidth usage, and you only want to use B when A is unavailable. Therefore, you d assign a metric of 1 to A and a higher value to B to ensure that traf c always goes through A if it s available.
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