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Distributed Transactions
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Notes: (1) Forward sequence number of last accepted MSU. (2) Changeback code. (3) Point code of affected destination. Source: Rec. Q.701. Courtesy of ITU-T.
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In the following code, transaction one will update a nickname to Missy while transaction two is selecting rows with that nickname value:
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devices with I-V characteristics governed by Eq. 10.58. Because the drain current varies parabolically with VGS, the transconductance according to Eq. 10.32 increases linearly with VGS. These transistors are c classified as the linear g, transistors. In sub0.25-pm transistors where velocity saturation is more likely to occur, the drain current often varies linearly with V(3s and gm is a constant. For these constant g, transistors, Pout and Eff are comparable i- both class A and class B operations. The derivation of Pout-opt, Fff-opt, Rbopt, fV'Dv n the constant gm transistors resemble that 0 for a linearbipolar transistor whose the output current is linearly proportional to the input voltage. 99 For a constant gm, MOS operating with max = 50 mA, VD = 5 V, and Vknee = 0.5 V, the power-added efficiencies are 45 and 52% for class A and class B operations, respectively. The large-signal output powers are 0.056 and 0.041 W, respectively. The conclusion that Pot and Eff are higher in class A for linear g,, MOSFETs is also subject to error when the output load is tuned. Tuning is a circuit technique in which the harmonic contents of the time-varying drain current are selected. Figure 10.38b illustrates the circuit arrangement of a tuned amplifier. The load consists of a parallel RLC network (instead of just R . We consider the ideal case in which the LC resonates and becomes open at the fundamental frequency, but acts as a short at other harmonic frequencies. Therefore, while the fundamental component of iD(t) still flows through the resistive load RL, thiC other components of iD(t) were directly supplied from the ground through the/,C circuit, bypassing the resistance. Because all the nonfundamental components of currents are diverted to the ground, only the fundamental component affects vD(t). The amplifier behaves as though all the harmonic Fourier components were zero. Essentially, all the previous large-signal equations remain valid for the tuned circuit, except that a 2 , a 3, and so forth appearing in these eqations are replaced by zero. As an example of calculation of tne tuned transistor, we again consider the linear gm MOS transistor operated in class A with /max = 50 mA VD = 5 V and Vku, = 0.5 V. For this transistor at 0, =-, Idc x/ x3 max = 18.75 mA and i a, .Although some a, $ 0 for n 2, the tuned circuit behaves as if these a, terms were zero. RLopt from Eq. 10.71 is therefore 2 x (VD - Vknee)/Imax = 180 Q. Pout-opt calculated from Eq. 10.69 is 2ax/8 RLopt0.05625W. eff-opt Pout,-pt/(Idc " VD) = 60%. If the linear gm transistor is biased in class B, we find from Eqs. 10.63-10.66 that 12.5 mA and aI =0.42441. Although the harmonic Fourier Idc ='max /4 components are nonzero, only the fundamental component is passed through the load resistor. The amplifier behaves as though these Fourier components were zero. Setting an terms to zero for n ->:, we find RLpt from Eq. 10.71 to be (VD - Vknee)/Imax/0.42441 = 212 Q. Pout-opt calculated from Eq. 10.69 is 0.09 X I2ax -RLopt = 0.0477 W. Finally. z;ff-opt = Pout-opt/(Idc " VD) - 76.3%. Just as with the untuned loads, the performance of the constant g, MOSFET with
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Scalar Variables
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Recall that the SMI algorithm of Section directly inverts the sample correlation matrix, R x x = E[:(t)gH(t)], order to find the optimal antenna element weights according in to Equation 3.70. Specifically, we have&t = R;:& where 2 is the sample cross-correlation vector between the array output vector, g,and the reference signal, T . The iterative version of this technique, as described in Section, forms the inverse of the sample correlation matrix, R;:, based on the received signal samples using Equation3.75, and iteratively updates it according to: &-yn - l ) g ( n ) g H ( n ) R - l ( - 1) n W ( n )= k ' ( n - 1) - > 1 t- :H(n)k-'(n - l)g(n)
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In order to call methods of the proxy class that represents the Web Service, you must create an instance of the proxy class. As it turns out, creating an instance of a Web Service proxy is identical to creating an instance of any other .NET class, which is quite easy. When creating an instance of the Web Service proxy, you must reference the namespace assigned to the proxy in order to qualify the class instance you want to create uniquely. As part of the Add Web Reference functionality built into Visual Studio, the default namespace of the CTemp proxy is set to localhost (your local Web server). If you want to change this namespace, rename the localhost container found under the Web References section of the Solution Explorer window. So, to create an instance of the CTemp proxy class, you simply reference the class as localhost.CTemp in your declaration. Let's illustrate this process by adding some code to the consumer application you have been building. Double-click the command button you added to your Web Form on the designer surface. This displays the code window for the Web Form, as shown in Figure 50-8.
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Out with the old, in with the new; let s take a look at the Mobility Center, which lets you handle many of the features in the Power Options window (see Figure 15.1). This new feature is the central location for mobile users. The Mobility Center is available in Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista.
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In-context modeling is also known as top-down modeling. It is a technique that is used to create relationships between two parts in an assembly, where the geometry of one of the parts is controlled by both the other part and the mates that position them relative to one another. In-context, or top-down, modeling may be contrasted against bottom-up modeling. Bottom-up modeling involves making the parts in their own individual windows and assembling the finished parts into an assembly with mates. In its most common form, a sketch in one part in an assembly is related to another part in the assembly. The relationship is specific to that particular assembly, and is only relevant in the context of that assembly. For example,
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CREATE PROCEDURE pProduct_Update_RowVersion (
just because they were formed by making triangles of dots, or pebbles. We did not discover them like that, of course, but by seeing how quickly the sequence of cubes increased. This is quite typical of the way mathematics works. One thing leads to another, and everything seems to be connected to everything else. The triangular numbers have many curious properties. Here are two of them. (For convenience, we will denote the sequence of nonzero triangular numbers by T 1 , T 2 , T3 and so on, so Tn = in(n + 1).) The sums of powers of 9, starting with 1, are all triangular numbers:
3. Click the icons along the top of the Preferences window to access the various preferences categories. The Advanced category is complex enough to offer tabs for various subcategories. We ll explore these individual tabs as well. 4. Click Close to close the Preferences dialog box and get back to surfing. The following sections walk though each of the preference categories you can set.
< q < 2 is an arbitrary relaxation factor.
Insert Part feature
Figure 18-27: The Pen Flicks notification area icon.
Inside Scoop
In 9, Using Microsoft Management Console, we discussed the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), and in 11, Installing Active Directory and Using Management Tools, we discussed the tools relevant to the management of the directory. Delegation would be pointless if the tools were not available to delegated users to manage local
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