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After you subscribe to a feed, you can check it out through several methods. First, you can open an IE7+ browser and click the Favorites button, and then click the Feeds button, as shown in Figure 13.33. Then, simply click the title of the feed you wish to view. Thanks to the power of the Sidebar, there s another way to view your feeds. By default, the Sidebar features a gadget called Feed Headlines (Figure 13.34). It displays headlines of RSS feeds to which you ve subscribed.
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achilles:invoicer aaron$ ./invoicr additem Choose an invoice to add to: ---------------------------ID: 1 | Client: Great Hoodoo Ltd. | Tax Rate: 8.5 ---------------------------Enter ID of invoice to add to: 1 Enter item type: Web design Enter description: Site design for
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When you exit a meeting that includes handouts, you are prompted with a dialog box asking whether you want to save changes to these files. Choose Yes to save a copy of the collaborative document to your PC. If you choose No, the edits made to the handout during the meeting are lost because changes made as a group do not automatically show up in the original file stored on your computer.
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Be careful not to select the last Updates option: Never Check for Updates (Not Recommended). If you choose this alternative, you might put your PC and other personal or confidential information at risk. The common reason you might be tempted to choose this option is that you envision situations where you might be running a process you wouldn t want interrupted by an automatic update that perhaps requires a restart of your machine. There is no need to be concerned about this. You can always choose the Check for Updates But Let Me Choose Whether to Download and Install Them option. It is located under Windows Update Change Settings.
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View quality is one of those issues that keep users confused because it has changed so many times in recent releases. If you look for view quality settings, then you may be looking for some time. Are the settings with the view, the sheet, the system options, the document properties Where are they You have the choice between two options for drawing view quality: High Quality and Draft Quality. The quality that you choose influences the performance of the software. Draft Quality views are noticeably rough when viewed closely, but from a distance, they are at least recognizable. However, Draft Quality is becoming less accessible, and so I would not recommend relying on this option. Although new Draft Quality views can be created, once they are set to High Quality, they cannot be set back to Draft Quality. All views are created as High Quality unless the view quality setting is overridden. This setting is found at Tools Options System Options Drawings Display Style Display Quality For New Views. The only other way that you can create Draft Quality views is if you open a drawing from an older version of SolidWorks that used Draft Quality views. In Figure 21.2 earlier in the chapter, the image to the right shows the Display Style pane. This PropertyManager has been taken from a High Quality view. A Draft Quality view enables you to toggle between Draft and High quality, as shown in Figure 21.27. This means that you can switch a view from Draft to High, but not from High to Draft. Also notice in Figure 21.27 that the cursor over a Draft Quality view displays a lightning bolt symbol, indicating draft quality.
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Server-Side Development
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FIGURE 6.1 The Windows Vista Games folder
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The use of motors does not necessarily require Basic Motion, but if you include springs, or contact or gravity problems, it does. Torsion springs require Motion Analysis, but linear springs only require Basic Motion. This example (on the CD-ROM as 33 ratchet.SLDASM) shows a motor driving a gear with a ratchet held to the gear teeth by a spring. I ve added a swinging ball on a spring to show this isn t simple 2D functionality. (See Figure 33.23.)
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Part II Manipulating Data with Select
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128 11/32
WiMAX/IEEE 802.16
30: Using the Insert Bends Method for Sheet Metal Parts . . . . . 851
IBM Token Ring IEEE 802.5 Ring Ring, Star Coax, UTP, STP Baseband 4, 16, 20 Mbps Deterministic: Token passing Up to 4048/17,800 bytesa Data
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The Symmetric mate works a lot like the Symmetry relation in sketches, except that a plane is used as the plane of symmetry instead of a construction line. Figure 13.10 shows a Symmetric mate being applied to the gripper jaws. The Symmetric mate is listed in the Advanced Mates pane of the Mate PropertyManager.
iPlanet Web Server
Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/vx/dsk/rootvol 12249580 6326058 5801027 53% /
This is yet another feature of object-oriented programming, the ability to import additional features into your code. Here s an example of using the argv array to process command-line arguments:
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