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TIP Note that force-feedback joysticks tend to use the MIDI-out line to send data
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FIGURE 10.20 Manually created configs versus design table created configs
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16. Switch to the Mate Driven Position configuration. Change the stem-fork assembly to a flexible subassembly (right click, Component Properties, Solve as Flexible). 17. Add new derived configurations called 1, 2, and 3. While creating the new configs, ensure that the Suppress new features and mates and Suppress new components options are selected. Leave the 1 configuration activated. 18. Make an angle mate between the Bike assembly Top plane and the face of the link, as shown in Figure 14.25. When you do this, do not be surprised if the fork suddenly flies off to an unexpected location. This appears to be a bug with how SolidWorks 2009 (prerelease 2) handles flexible subassemblies. If you press Ctrl+Q, the fork will go back where it belongs.
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2: Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
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Ultimately, pushback is far less risky than robotic adherence and obsequious agreement. The danger of annoying a key buyer is far outweighed by the advantage of being considered a learned, objective, and yes fearless peer. True colleagues never refrain from resisting something they deem inappropriate, no matter how close the relationship. This all revolves around the trust issue that we raised earlier in this chapter. If the other person believes that you honestly have his or her best interests in mind, no matter how much you may be causing discomfort or even pain, your viewpoint will be honored and seriously considered. That s what the best external consultants do to overcome the disadvantage of not being immersed in the culture, history, and environment. And that s what internal consultants should do to negate the advantage that we external consultants are exploiting.
Using Vista s Search Features
Connections are made between two domain controllers located in the same site. Compression is used to save bandwidth. Partners do not notify one another. Replication uses the SMTP or TCP/IP transport.
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