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The .NET Framework provides a SoapHeader base class (found in the System. Web.Services.Protocols namespace), which you can inherit from in order to create and use a SOAP header. Drawing on the previous discussion of user credentials and authentication, here's an example of a custom SOAP header class: Imports System.Web.Services.Protocols Public Class AuthenticationSoapHeader Inherits SoapHeader Public Username as String Public Password as String End Class This example creates a class named AuthenticationSoapHeader that inherits from the SoapHeader base class. Within this class are two public member variables named Username and Password. These member variables can be set by applications that want to pass this data within the SOAP header. Once you've defined your SOAP header class, you can add it to your Web Service implementation and reference it within the method declaration by adding an attribute to that declaration. Although we haven't covered the details of coding Web Services and Web Service methods, let's take a quick look at the basic syntax involved in this process. The following code snippet shows the use of your AuthenticationSoapHeader class: Public Class MyWebService
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a return box for shipping back your used cartridge, take advantage of it. You don t have to pay for the shipping, and returning the old cartridge helps save the environment.
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FIGURE B.81 The Virtual Sharps display options
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#!/bin/bash # ena_service: enable a set of start/kill scripts if [ $# = 0 ]; then echo -n service> read SVC else SVC=$1 fi if [ ! -f /etc/init.d/$SVC ]; then echo sorry -- cannot find /etc/init.d/$SVC exit fi INO=`ls -i /etc/init.d/$SVC | awk {print $1} ` SCRIPTS=( `find /etc -inum $INO -print` ) for SCRIPT in ${SCRIPTS[@]} do BASE=`basename $SCRIPT` DIR=`dirname $SCRIPT` L1=`echo $BASE | cut -c1` if [ $L1 = s ]; then NEWBASE=`echo $BASE | sed s/^s/S/ ` echo mv $DIR/$BASE $DIR/$NEWBASE mv $DIR/$BASE $DIR/$NEWBASE fi if [ $L1 = k ]; then NEWBASE=`echo $BASE | sed s/^k/K/ ` echo mv $DIR/$BASE $DIR/$NEWBASE mv $DIR/$BASE $DIR/$NEWBASE fi done
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2024 Aluminum, ink-jet technology and, 396 Aluminum hydroxide, 118 Ammonia-complexed zinc precursor, 270 Amorphous-based systems, future applications of, 452 Amorphous lms, 102, 115 Amorphous materials, chemically derived, 62 Amorphous silicon (a-Si), in macroelectronics, 407 408. See also a-Si lm Amorphous-to-crystalline transition, reversibility of, 97, 99 Anchor structures, 410 Anderson localization, 325 AND gate, 360 361 Anisotropic chemical etching, in macroelectronics, 409 412 Anisotropic wet chemical etching, 410 411 Antennas, plastic, 16 Antimony selenide (Sb2Se3) lms, SILAR-grown, 255, 261. See also Ge Sb Se lms Antimony sul de (Sb2S3) lms, SILARgrown, 255, 261. See also KSb5S8 entries Antimony telluride lms, ECALEgrown, 269 Aprotic solvents, 39 Ar-annealing, 186 187 Architectural glazing, 209 Area-multiplication, for macroelectronics, 415
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I Come to Bury Sigma, Not to Praise it
The typical sizes you ll hear about are AT, ATX, and custom ATX:
CrossReference For more about disappearing rows, the with check option, and their implications for security, refer to 14, Creating Views. SQL Server security roles are discussed in 40, Securing Databases.
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Working with Surfaces
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