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In the enterprise environment, where wireless coverage is good, you can move anywhere in the facility and have access to the files and applications running on your desktop PC. All of these new form factors emphasize the need to be well connected internally in order to gain mobility. This means support for Wi-Fi is inevitable for consumer electronics devices. The reality today is that most CE companies have announced home entertainment products that will be enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity. Some already have it while others plan to include Wi-Fi as a standard feature. In the home entertainment arena, Sony's new Linuxbased digital video recorder (Cocoon) comes with a 160 GB hard drive and a high-speed Internet connection. It will likely sport a wireless interface soon. In addition, Philips' Streamium, a state-of-the-art audio microsystem that includes traditional microsystem features, such as an AM/FM tuner and a CD player, is available today. Streamium raises the stakes with the trio of Internet-radio reception, MP3 CD compatibility, and playback of any MP3s on networked PCs. It is also the first microsystem to offer full-blown DAR (Digital Audio Recording) functionality. All these devices assume a broadband high-speed connection through DSL or cable. Wi-Fi interfaces will be the next logical step for these devices. In addition, there is also another class of products that leverage existing home networks and help bridge or share content with PC desktops and other CE devices. Apple, HP, and Dell are reportedly working on such systems. Wireless TVs have also hit the market in 2003. Sharp's AN-SS700, a Wireless TV system, is designed to operate in the 2.4-GHz band. The AN-SS700 includes a transmitter and receiver each measuring 5.83"(W) x 3.11" (H) x 1.54" (D). Specifications include the use of Sharp's MAC technology and an MPEG2 encoder/decoder for compressed audio and video. The transmitter connects to a VCR, DVD, or satellite tuner by a composite video signal. Digital video is wirelessly transmitted, and can be viewed remotely using the LCD TV connected to the receiver unit. A wireless remote control can be used to operate the transmitter. Finally, another class of entertainment devices is also becoming Wi-Fi enabled. These are the MP3 players, media nodes, gateways, and also gaming consoles.
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RRAS uses the protocols and other network properties con gured for an interface when you add the interface. You might need to remove or add a protocol or make other network property changes for a routing interface. For example, you might want to add the capability to route IPX as well as IP, requiring that you install IPX on the interface. You can do so through the RRAS console. Open the property sheet for the routing interface, choose Properties and click the Networking tab. You can con gure dial-up server settings, network protocols and bindings, and other network properties.
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Management asks MIS to take its order-placing system, typically fax-based and processed by representatives in the eld, to the extranet. Current practice involves a representative going to a customer, taking an order for stock, and then faxing the order to the company s fax system, where the orders are manually entered into the system. The new system proposes that customers be equipped with an inexpensive terminal or terminal software and place the orders directly against their accounts on a Web server.
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/etc/bind/ A zone configuration file based on your domain
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MAC - Medium Access Control
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In many projects, P2P is discussed as a solution at the protocol level (no
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Figure 13-2: Options dialog box for hiding advanced members
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Installing and Testing the Active Directory Domain Controllers
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Factories are pretty straightforward constructs that provide support for client code to defer creation of a class instance to the factory. Factories can also act as the proxy or intermediary for other factories. In Figure 54-2, both of these facets are being implemented with the primary factory, DataObjectFactory, containing the logic for determining the specific database, and passing creation requests through to the appropriate database-specific factory.
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DTU Pout
where is the proportionality factor connecting the characteristic intensity I and C is the weight fraction. The zeta-factor ( ) is independent of the sample composition as the characteristic intensity is normalized by the weight fraction. Equation (5.7.3), or the proportionality between mass-thickness and intensity, is valid
Favorites Bar. Slices work best with certain types of information, such as e mail in boxes, weather reports (see Figure 20 45), traffic updates, sports scores, auction items, and the like. These are exactly the types of things that people need to check throughout the day, but with a typi cal browser, that would entail manually navigating to a specific site. With Web Slices, you can simply add links to these bits of info directly to the Favorites Bar, so they re always available. And when you click on a Web Slice, you don t navigate to a new page. Instead, a small pop up appears with the desired info.
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