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10/24 = 0.417 ms. With 480 bits/slot (including a 64-bit guard time), the total bit rate is 1.152 Mb/s. Each slot contains 64 bits for system control (C, P, Q, and M channels) and 320 bits for user information (I channel). The modulation technique used in DECT is Gaussian minimum shift keying (GMSK), in common with GSM. The normalized bandwidth of the Gaussian lter is BT = 0.5, where B is the 3-dB bandwidth (in hertz) and T is the inverse of the bit rate. The bandwidth ef ciency, 1.152 Mb/s in 1.728 MHz, is comparable to that of CT2. In common with CT2, the speech coder in DECT is ADPCM at 32 kb/s, transmitted without channel coding. 15.4.3 U.S. Digital Cellular As noted earlier, in the late 1980s cellular network operators in the United States and Canada saw the need to replace their existing AMPS analog networks with a new cellular technology that would provide for signi cant growth in traf c capacity and would also provide new services and features for their cellular service customers. Thus two industry associations, the Electronic Industries Association and the Telecommunications Industry Association formed the EIA/TIA TR45.3 Cellular Standards Committee and charged it with developing a new standard for cellular telephone services. The natural choice for the new standard was a digital system, and the development of a new TDMA standard was accomplished in several steps. In 1990 the committee issued Interim Standard 54B (IS-54B), which de ned a dual-mode system that allowed mobile phones to operate in digital mode in service areas where the new TDMA technology was installed but also to be able to operate in AMPS analog mode (FDMA) where the TDMA service had not yet been installed. The IS-54B standard was followed by the IS-136 standard, which built on the original IS-54B standard, adding enhancements, including digital control channels, enabling the addition of new services and features. The IS-54 and IS-136 systems have at different times been referred to collectively as North American digital cellular or U.S. digital cellular (USDC). In recent years, the name USDC has been in more prevalent use. A detailed description of the IS-136 system and its evolution from IS-54 may be found in [Har98]. As with GSM, the USDC radio channel structure is a combination of FDM and TDMA, with user traf c and control channels built on the logical channels provided by TDMA time slots. The designated frequency channels for this digital standard are the same as those in AMPS, with carriers spaced 30 kHz apart. The overall network architecture of the USDC system is much like that of GSM, with a cellular design supported by base stations and switching centers and also with roaming capability supported by home and visitor location registers. In USDC, each 30-kHz digital channel has a transmission rate of 48.6 kb/s. The 48.6-kb/s stream is divided into six TDMA channels of 8.1 kb/s each. In contrast with the GMSK modulation scheme used in GSM, the USDC standard uses /4-shift DQPSK, implemented with square-root RC ltering and rolloff parameter 0.35. The principal advantage of this modulation scheme is bandwidth ef ciency. The channel transmission rate of 48.6 kb/s, taken together with a channel spacing of 30 kHz, yields channel utilization of 1.62 bits/s per hertz, a 20% advantage relative to GSM. The principal disadvantage of a linear modulation scheme is poorer power ef ciency relative to constant-envelope modulation. Following the development of the competing IS-95 CDMA standard and installation of the CDMA system in cellular service networks, the relative advantages of the CDMA
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To print one or more calendar(s) from the Calendar view in Windows Live Mail, you must again make sure that the calendars you want to include are selected. Then, click the Print toolbar button. In the Print window that appears, select the printer and the Print Style (Day, Week, or Month). The printout, as shown in Figure 22-31, is an exact duplication of the calendar display in Windows Live Mail and is quite attractive.
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Stay out of Active Directory
Although it looks like you re in the web directory from the command prompt, you re actually in the /www folder. For my next trick in the shell, you ll learn how to perform file searches on the command line. This can be useful when you know a certain file name exists but you ve lost track of where it might be. Users of late-model Macs know that Spotlight, the system-wide search technology, keeps a constantly updated index of all the files on the system, providing instant results when a search query is typed in the search field, as shown in Figure 3.4. Figure 3.4 Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard includes a feature called Spotlight, which provides instant file results on a given search query.
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Right Brain/Left Brain Thinking. People are far too complex to be simplistically relegated to such superficial cognitive approaches. The most vocal advocate, the late Ned Hermann (creator of the Hermann brain dominance instruments) had to change his tune somewhat and cite his approach as a metaphor once the scientific community debunked much of the claims. This turned out to be another labeling exercise to help some people explain why they were better than others. Future Search. Presumably a method to help planning and strategy
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Click back to the HTML page containing your iframe element, click the Preview/Debug in Browser button on the Document toolbar, and then select a browser from the pop-up list. Take a look at the results of your makeover in your default browser.
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